Ezra Kirk

Data Product Consultant

"The great thing about Kubrick is that everyone is trained from scratch – it is not assumed that you have prior coding knowledge."

I was compelled to pursue a career in data as I have always been interested in numbers, and the various insights that can be derived from it. Prior to joining Kubrick, I worked for my parent’s small business and enjoyed seeing data come to life, even at a small scale. It’s a great feeling to “stumble” across an insight and doing this at an industrial scale is even more fun. Data is also related to my studies, where experimentation (data) leads to theories and, eventually, application and insight.

The reason I applied to join Kubrick was because of its excellent offering, which allows you to launch an exciting and well-paid career straight out of university whilst acting as an entry-point to very large corporations that otherwise would have been unattainable for at least a few more years. The strong sense of community you form during training is another huge bonus to joining Kubrick, as not only do you gain a strong network, but you also gain a whole new set of friends!

In addition to being a great launch-pad into exciting organisations and exposing you to a strong network from day one, the training is also very broad. It has made me data literate and given a variety of “soft” skills that I use every single day when dealing with colleagues and stakeholders.

One of my main achievements this year was playing a key role in coordinating the implementation of a new software within my client organisation. I was very new to the role and am proud that I managed to successfully implement this technology, whilst learning about the internal procedures, company structures, and how to deal with third party stakeholders.

My advice for people considering a career in data would be to start by understanding the bigger picture. Having even a small amount of knowledge about the overall story will give you the ability to communicate across all teams, understand the end goal and strategy, and give you visibility of all possible areas that you might want to specialise in later.

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