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CeramTec is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of technical ceramics and is specialised in the development, manufacturing and sales of parts, components and products made from ceramic materials. Read more »

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CeramTec is a manufacturer and supplier of technical ceramics.
Well over 10,000 products, components and parts made by the ceramic experts are used in a wide range of applications.
More than 3,500 employees worldwide.
The current portfolio covers well over 10,000 different products and a wide variety of ceramic materials.
Strong track record on graduate recruitment and career progression.
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Driving cost-efficiency with high-quality alumina for thermocouple...

Protection and insulating tubes made from technical ceramics are vital in temperature and measurement control situations, whenever safety and stability is required. CeramTec’s ceramic tubes made from alumina as the most commonly used advanced ceramic material work with an innovative production...

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Why CeramTec’s silicon carbide ceramic is a crucial component for...

With photolithography systems for semiconductor manufacturing becoming ever more sophisticated, component suppliers need to be able to provide products of the highest quality to meet the current and future demands in chip production.

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