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A unique opportunity to work for a sports betting consultancy that puts technology at the centre of the business.
Technology has allowed Star Lizard to remain at the forefront of sports betting for over 10 years. We are well respected in the industry as the leader in our field.

Our technology teams are product focused and highly agile. We take pride in our engineering focused culture and high trust environment giving our cross-functional teams freedom to experiment, innovate and solve problems in the most optimal way.
We have a large team of exceptional engineers responsible not only for development but for the environments and testing. We firmly believe in upholding and continuously improving an engineering culture where the path to delivering value is frictionless and enjoyable for developers as possible.

The work and technologies are exciting but most importantly the people you'll be working with are highly knowledgeable, friendly and supportive. The combination of people, technology and challenging problems makes a potent combination and a great place to take your career to the next level.

What type of candidate are you?

  • highly adaptable and comfortable across both front end and back end tech stacks
  • a continuous self-learner, eager to learn and share knowledge of emerging technologies and practices
  • someone who knows what enterprise-grade software is and what matters to run and maintain software on scale with fast feedback cycles
  • a believer in testing as a first class citizen and not an after thought
  • an advocate of continuous value delivery with a pragmatic desire to
    automate and measure everything
  • approach with an agile mind set, continuously building end to end
    working software
  • awareness and care for the business goals and mission with the natural
    curiosity to understand the 'why'

What will you be doing?

  • integrating with the business in a cross-functional delivery team
  • working with the team to build high-value, business critical systems
  • taking ownership of epic delivery, intimately understanding the feature to be delivered and owning the front to back solution
  • working in a constantly evolving technical landscape, introducing appropriate new technologies and advance cloud adoption
  • building well designed and intuitive UIs with a React, TypeScript stack used by 100's of users
  • building high performance event driven back-ends with C# and F# on .NET Core
  • building telemetry in applications and build business and system dashboards with Elastic, Kibana
  • removing / avoiding bureaucracy and barriers to delivery

What skills will you have?

  • proficiency with server side development with an appreciation of scalable, highly available architectures and event driven patterns
  • knowledge of different testing practices and the benefits of what to do and when to ensure an appropriate level of coverage to fail-fast
  • experience building cloud ready and cloud native systems
  • proficiency with web technologies with an appreciation of different front end frameworks and a finger on the pulse of how front end web technology is evolving
  • know importance of good agile practices and be a seasoned practitioner
  • recognition of when to write performant software without over engineering
  • able to provide constructive feedback in design reviews and pull requests
  • be articulate and empathetic in explaining design decisions and solutions

What technologies should you have?

  • C#*, F#, JS, TypeScript, ES6 * Must have
  • EventStore, REST, ActiveMQ, Rx
  • React, Redux
  • Jenkins, Octopus
  • Elastic, Kibana, Logstash, Grafana, Mongo
  • Azure, AWS


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Opportunity Overview

  • Ongoing
  • Competitive + benefits
  • All grades
  • Camden Town, London
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Disciplines accepted...

  • Computer Science
  • Data Science
  • Information Technology
  • Software
  • Web Development

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