The world's most accurate football predictions

We have been at the forefront of football betting for over 10 years and we’re world renowned as the leader in our field. Through a combination of innovative research, analytical thought and a constant desire to question and improve, we maintain our position at the forefront of the sports betting market.



As a highly successful sports betting consultancy, Starlizard has devoted millions of hours to take our understanding of football into a completely different league.

It is one thing picking the right selection but it is another skill entirely to get this opinion into the market, filling your desired stake at the optimal price.

It is far from easy, but we use our understanding of the game and market know-how to provide our clients with a small edge over the market to generate long term winning returns.



Dynamic technology that evolves with the market.

Building event-sourced betting micro services using the latest .NET technologies, data science tools with Python, Apache Parquet and Pandas, web scraping robots and high frequency stream processors, we continuously challenge ourselves to improve the quality of what we build and to reduce the time to build it.

Our distributed messaging systems handle thousands of global activities every second, highlighting betting opportunities the moment they appear. Continuous streams of sporting and betting events converge on our data platform, providing rich analysis and deep insights to our research and betting teams.



Our predictions work best when the game is fair.

With our in-depth knowledge of world football and betting markets, Starlizard is uniquely placed to spot harmful elements detrimental to fairness in sport.

Fixed games, by definition, are not representative of how genuine sport is played. This can seriously damage the data we collect and our ability to assess how games will be played in the future.

We are proud to play our part in the battle to keep sport clean and produce independent anti-match fixing analyses for sports governing bodies and their respective integrity units.


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Starlizard produces the world's most accurate football predictions.
We are located at the heart of Camden Town, which is vibrant, eclectic and open all hours.
On a busy weekend our technology systems process hundreds of millions of events.
Starlizard employees have their own ‘Keep Cup’ as part of their responsibility to protect the environment.
We are committed to making a meaningful contribution to the charity sector.
Our core values are Integrity, Alignment and Delivery.
Starlizard has an onsite gym, steam room and games room.
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