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During our visit to Metaswitch HQ, we noticed that those who work for Metaswitch have done so for a long time. Employees tend to stay with the company, including those who started on the graduate programme. Here at Gradcracker, we think this says a lot about Metaswitch’s working environment, and the opportunities they offer - which is why we thought it’d be worth sharing!

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Arriving at Metaswitch

Jessica and Carla at Metaswitch's London HQ


And Gradcracker's Timba went too!

Meet the Graduate Recruiter

Metaswitch & their opportunities

Carla talks to Emma Watts, Graduate Recruiter, who explains what Metaswitch do and who they are looking for.

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“Explore all your options”

An insight into the student recruitment process at Metaswitch and Emma tells Carla about a student's typical first week at the company.

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Meet the Graduates

Life on the graduate programme

Andrew, Alice and George tell Jessica about their experiences of the graduate programme at Metaswitch, and share their hints and tips for those who are thinking about applying.

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Meet the Interns

A day in the life of an Intern

Dylan (with Timba), David and James provide unique insights into what it's like to be an intern at Metaswitch: from the application process, to their day-to-day experiences.

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We often visit our advertisers, spending a full day touring their facilities, speaking to their graduates/interns and working with their recruiters on content for their Company Hubs.

We can get a real ‘insight’ into their working environment, their culture and the things they are working on. We also learn about their recruitment processes and the things each company looks for in their ideal candidates.

It’s useful stuff for you to know if you’re considering applying to them – so we thought we’d share it!

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