Sécheron Hasler Group is a leading global supplier of electrical and electronic safety components and solutions and traction power systems for the railway industry and also provides solutions for renewable energy, DC grid, and other industrial systems.

Sécheron Hasler Group, headquartered in Switzerland, is independent and privately-owned by a team of entrepreneurs committed to long-term sustainability through technological innovation, superior quality, and unrivalled customer service. We answer to our you, our customers, first!

With more than 1,100 employees worldwide, we are found wherever our customers are around the globe, positioning us to supply products approved in our customers’ countries or markets and deliver supply chain and customer services locally. We have products in service in all countries where railway, mass transit, and high-power industrial equipment are found.

At Sécheron Hasler Group we pride ourselves on developing and maintaining deep knowledge and experience-based know-how within our organisation in all fields critical to our business, from electrical, electronics, and software engineering to materials science and manufacturing processes.

Our founding companies, Sécheron SA and HaslerRail AG, boast a 140-year history of innovation in the rail industry, pioneering railway technologies. Today, Sécheron Hasler Group draws on this extensive experience to develop and customise products and solutions compliant with local standards on markets worldwide.

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Sécheron Hasler Group

Sécheron Hasler Group operates facilities worldwide, covering design, engineering, production, tests, sales and after-sales service.

We work in the following sectors

  • Electronics
  • Manufacturing

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We operate facilities worldwide, covering design, engineering, production, tests, sales and after-sales service.
The history of both Sécheron and HaslerRail exceeds 125 years.
Sécheron’s products are designed and tested for use in harsh environments.
We employ over 1,000 people worldwide, with manufacturing sites in Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Italy, and China.
We offer our employees a stimulating, high-performance, innovative & creative work environment.