Craig Polk


"I am grateful that Nokia empowers people to give back and enrich the dreams of young students."

When people ask me what I do for work, I tell them that every day I save lives, bring smiles, and shape the future. Working at Nokia, I am proud to be a part of a company that has a rich history of innovation and solving the world's problems.

Whether it is a person who is able to get life-saving help through the Emergency 9-1-1 (the universal emergency telephone number in North America), or grandparents seeing video of their first grandchild, or a student inspired to change the world through a STEM programme – the networks I support impact the lives of so many people.

Over the past two decades, I have evolved from an R&D engineer working with partners such as Qualcomm into quality and testing of products, and finally supporting our customers to maximise the benefit of their Nokia networks.

Nokia also supports the employee's passion to guide the next generation of innovators. I have had the privilege of working with great STEM programmes that are part of FutureX, Greenlight for Girls, Junior Achievement, Young Science Achievers, Girl Scouts, and Take our Daughters and Sons to Work.

After all, it was a STEM programme from the company that inspired me when I was a child to study engineering and set the course of my scientific curiosity which directed my future education and professional life. I am grateful that Nokia empowers people to give back and enrich the dreams of young students.

I always keep my sights on the horizon while biking and hiking so I can see where the journey will take me. There are always new challenges and adventures that await us, if we have the courage and drive to take them on. The advancements and technology that we have today which Nokia has brought to the world are truly amazing.

But just you wait and see what Nokia and I will bring you tomorrow.