Field Development

Field Development can be defined simply as the process of turning an oil and gas opportunity into a sanctioned project. It consists of identifying and defining, as a system, all the components required to develop and operate oil and gas fields successfully. It is the phase in project development where value is added to the opportunity.

Subsea Systems

Peritus adopts a systems engineering approach to field developments by utilising holistic, state-of-the-art design methods and proven designs for fabrication and construction. This approach enables innovative design solutions to be developed for challenging environments, including deep water and difficult operating conditions such as high temperature/high pressure fluids.

Subsea Pipelines

Peritus's pipeline capability has global reach with design experience in all continents. Our personnel have significant experience in conventional and unconventional pipeline and flowline system engineering, including ultra-deep water and more hostile environments. While proven design methodology may be applied in conventional pipeline projects to achieve fit for purpose solutions, advanced engineering techniques and innovative designs are required for systems in more challenging conditions, including deep and ultra-deep water, HP/HT fluids and Arctic conditions.

Subsea Cables

Peritus has experience with subsea cables for both fixed and floating offshore wind, as well as interconnector cables, power cables for oil and gas and fibre optic cables. Within a typical subsea cable project the following elements are normally required, the level of work needed depends on both the stage of the project whether concept selection through to detailed design or the environment and type of wind farm (fixed or floating).

Floating Systems

Field development projects in deeper waters call for novel marine structures such as semi-submersibles. The complexity of these floating systems together with their interfaces with topsides equipment, production and export risers cannot be overlooked. Peritus is well equipped to handle the design of these structures from concept study to commissioning, including project management and ship yard supervision.

Marine Risers

Peritus’s capabilities include all kinds of static and dynamic risers from concept evaluation, through detailed engineering to fabrication/installation engineering, management and supervision. While static risers for fixed platforms remain a core competence, the Peritus focus is on dynamic risers in deep to ultra-deep water depths with challenging seabed and current conditions. We will provide all phases of engineering services for a variety of dynamic riser types.

Flow Assurance

For many field developments and challenging export system projects, flow assurance is one of the first and most crucial activities to be undertaken. Peritus has in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in dealing with the most complex flow assurance problems.

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