Becca Manning

Software Developer Graduate

"Capital One are always looking for ways to support your learning."

Even though I’m in a software role, I actually studied Maths at Nottingham University. This role stood out to me because I could rotate across areas based on my interests, which was ideal because I didn’t know what suited me yet.

I don’t come from a coding background so everything’s been new to me, but there’s so much support from my team. For the last year I’ve been in Web Servicing where I started off doing paired programming. You sit with a senior person who’s working on the same problem as you; they take the lead, but switch over to you for hands-on learning.

Since then, I’ve worked independently on back-end projects using Node.js and React to create payment nudges to help people in debt to save. We’re a credit card company with morals – we’re trying to help vulnerable customers and do right by them.

The opportunities are limitless here. When I mentioned my interest in Cyber, I was introduced to Fraser who has gone out of his way to help me get into the area by suggesting books, hacks, podcasts – and now I’m moving into the Cyber team. That also speaks volumes about how friendly and inclusive the community is here.

Capital One are always looking for ways to support your learning, for example 10% of our time is dedicated to personal development, so I’ve been completing other courses and attending company hackathons. We also have an organisation-wide strategy event called Mission Fest where everyone gets together for a day of entertainment, food and drink.