Dan Partington

Business Analyst Graduate

"There’s never a typical day in this role because it all depends on the project I'm working on."

I went to the University of Nottingham to study Physics. Capital One’s headquarters are in Nottingham, so they had a really big presence during my time at university – I knew about their opportunities and the Business Analyst programme felt like the obvious route for me.

My first rotation during the programme was in the Loss Forecasting team. I’m a real statistics and maths nerd so trying to predict future losses by using lots of different modelling techniques was really interesting. I was there for just over a year before I moved into the Risk Operations team where I’m now trying to help customers who have fallen behind on payments.

There’s never a typical day in this role because it all depends on the project I’m working on. I could be talking to Operations to understand processes, doing some analysis in my team, or catching up with Finance to tie together all the elements. It’s been fantastic having the opportunity to work with different areas. I’m really enjoying my current role, so I’ll be staying here for a while – in fact, I’ve just been promoted in my team.

My best moment to date is definitely our team business trip to the US office in Washington. We all went out there to meet the senior teams from the US and Canada – we were all in one room discussing how our worlds and learnings could be shared. It was a fantastic opportunity to network on a global-level with some very intelligent, inspirational people

I’d definitely encourage people to apply here. Alongside the great culture, work-life balance and benefits, the work at Capital One is rewarding and tangible. I can see how we’re impacting our customers in the long-term, and the part I’ve personally played.

Employee Profiles

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"I’ve been able to carry on my studies thanks to Capital One funding my qualification."

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"I get to work on real and interesting projects that impact our customers."
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