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  • Aerospace
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  • Civil/Building
  • Computing/Technology
  • Electronic & Electrical
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  • Sciences/Maths
IG helps our clients trade financial markets on leverage, through spread betting and Contract for Difference trading (CDFs).
We were founded in 1974 as the first company of our kind and we’ve stayed at the forefront of our industry ever since.
We serve clients all over the world, from sales offices in 13 countries across five continents.
Each of our offices are equipped with amenities to provide a modern, professional & comfortable work environment...
...and from our headquarters in London's 'Square Mile' to our high-tech presence in Singapore, every effort is made to support our staff.

Does this week’s data impact the GBP and FTSE 100 outlook?

Retail sales points towards a strong Q3 GDP reading, but with inflation and jobs easing pressure on the BoE, where do the FTSE 100 and GBP/USD go from here?

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IG Group shakes up male-dominated online trading sector with first...

Britain's spreadbetting industry is no longer being run by all men after IG Group picked a female executive to replace its former boss Peter Hetherington.

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