We execute projects with the technology leaders and their support

Climate change, demand, conventional and renewable power are all buzzwords being used in today’s industrial and commercial worlds. Traditional power generation technologies are being upgraded and modernised for future use with the incorporation of new capabilities and know how.

New technologies capitalising on onshore and offshore generation technologies are unfolding continually, as are transmission and delivery systems. Wood is recognised for our expertise in partnering with the industry to provide turnkey solutions for any portion of the power generation market.

Wood is a full-service provider to all segments of the power industry. We have built a strong team that can handle any size project either in its entirety or as an engineering, procurement and construction contractor.

Independence is one of our main differentiators; we execute projects with the technology leaders and their support. We understand the complexity of the industry, whether it's conventional power, geothermal or unconventional clean energy methods. We have experience in constructing conventional plants and those relying on cogeneration, combined-cycle or simple-cycle technologies. Our capabilities in onshore and offshore wind are growing, as is our leadership in solar, wave, hydroelectric and other energy delivery forms, many of which we have been supporting for the past 100 years.

Our broad skills and experience allow us to work with customers on every stage of their assets' life cycles. Whether constructing a greenfield facility or upgrading a plant, we are able to employ expertise from other Wood entities to apply specialised modular approaches and innovative capabilities. Our group includes specialists who completely understand rotating equipment and different generating systems.

As with all Wood projects, our team places a special emphasis on safety and the environment. Our HSE performance in every stage of deliverables is second to none. All of this is provided with results that are on time and on budget.