Sustainability is at the heart of Synthomer’s operations

Synthomer’s polymers are used to manufacture many everyday products: from the sound damping in your car, to the backing of the carpet in your office, and the sheets on your bed.

We take responsibility for the complete lifecycle of our products and for the impact our operations have on your life and the environment.

To ensure the safe management and use of its products, Synthomer is committed to sharing relevant health and safety information throughout the value chain.

To achieve this, we work closely with our suppliers and customers to fully understand the environmental impact of our raw materials, processes and products on the overall product lifecycle. We identify potential improvement areas and focus efforts on delivering those improvements. Growing sustainably is a challenge, but it is one that we are dedicated to taking on.

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Synthomer’s sustainable value chain

Synthomer’s sustainable value chain ensures that we deliver on the Company’s strategy and meet the needs of our customers and other key stakeholder groups in a manner that delivers continuous improvement in sustainability performance.

Research and development

Our four research and development ‘centres of excellence’ work to both develop products that meet our customers’ needs and help them improve their manufacturing efficiency.


We monitor mega-trends and market developments to ensure our formulations meet the requirements not only of our customers but also the end-users of their products.

Technical service

Our technical service teams work with our customers to ensure we provide the best formulation for their needs and to help them use it to best effect.


Our formulations are tailored to our customers’ products to make sure they deliver optimum performance and process efficiency.

Raw materials strategy

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure consistent specifications, guarantee supply chain resilience and deliver value for money.


Our experienced operations teams optimise production processes to safeguard efficiency and deliver consistently superior formulations to our clients.

Our strategy

Our mission is to enable our customers to efficiently and cost-effectively produce high quality products by providing them with innovative, high performance solutions. Our strategy to achieve this comprises five key elements:

1. Research and development combined with technical expertise to exploit new markets
We anticipate market trends and customer requirements to deliver superior products with improved margin and product differentiation.

2. Driving efficiency through operational excellence
We operate continuous improvement across our operations to improve production efficiency, sales effectiveness and functional excellence. We seek to identify good practice in all areas of our business and ensure that relevant learnings are embedded throughout the business.

3. Capacity utilisation
Our aim is to drive profitability through maximum utilisation of our assets. This involves identifying the root causes of production bottlenecks and finding innovative solutions.

4. Investment in capacity
We invest in capacity, particularly in growth markets, to support long-term profitable business development.

5. Business growth through acquisition
We actively seek opportunistic bolt-on acquisitions in similar chemistries or transformational step-change transactions not limited by geography or chemistry.