Dr Danny Antes

R&D Manager

"I was inspired by my collaboration with Synthomer during my PhD"

My PhD at the University of Hamburg was a joint development project funded by Synthomer, bringing me into contact with the Company long before I’d ever considered working for it.

Throughout my three-year PhD, I had quarterly review meetings with a team from Synthomer. I was inspired by their support and enthusiasm. They always shared their opinions and ideas openly, and made me feel just like one of the team.

I was invited to visit Synthomer’s labs in Marl, Germany, which offered an insight into the working environment, the laboratory set-up and, most importantly, Synthomer’s people. This was one of the deciding factors that encouraged me to apply to the company after graduation and it helped tremendously with my onboarding. Now I’m an R&D Manager with an exciting career working on a range of truly innovative projects.