How We Work


  • Work together towards shared goals – the success of Telensa.
  • Work with the entire Telensa organisation in mind.
  • Think about how your work will impact our customers, other departments and business units.
  • Working together we achieve more than we can as individuals.


  • Mobilise energy to achieve the shared goals.
  • Persistent and determined to overcome obstacles on the way.
  • Drive to be the best you can.
  • Ensure our customers thrive.
  • Be diligent, ambitious and unwavering.


  • Have a clear purpose, ensuring prioritisation of objectives.
  • Set priorities that are thoughtful of the needs of the customer and the wider organisation.
  • Stop activity if not a priority.


  • Act like an owner of the business.
  • Take responsibility to find solutions for our customers.
  • Nothing is ‘above your pay grade’.
  • Take responsibility individually and collectively.


  • Be willing and able to challenge and be challenged.
  • Know when it is best to stop or comply.
  • Listen, reflect and be open to new ideas.
  • Develop and display a growth mind-set.


  • Make and communicate clear decisions.
  • Consult with appropriate team members.
  • Explain your decisions and get buy in.
  • Take collective responsibility for the decisions you have been consulted on.
  • Understand the decision-making process within the business.