A pioneer in intellectual property

Carpmaels & Ransford is a full-service European intellectual property firm at the forefront of a rapidly changing IP landscape.

We advise many world-class companies and brands.

As a trusted advisor to so many world-class companies and brands, we have been regarded as a pioneer in handling intellectual property for over 200 years. We are known for a consistent ability to anticipate client needs and apply unparalleled expertise to complex challenges.

What sets us apart? We believe it’s our united talents. We join up our knowledge and resources, blending vast experience with infectious enthusiasm, expert knowledge with a constant hunger to learn more, and individual skill with great teamwork.

We are unique in our ability to offer a truly integrated service, managing our clients’ intellectual property from inception to commercialisation, enforcement, litigation and defence.

The result is a combined intellectual powerhouse, working closely with our clients to generate the most incisive strategies and arguments.


We expect you to contribute and perform, but not without investment on our part.

You already know the value of hard work and perseverance. You’ve succeeded many times already and you are accomplished in many aspects of your life. What you are looking for is the next step, something to lead you to greater fulfilment. At Carpmaels & Ransford we see that fulfilment as a journey and destination; a journey that will lead you to rewards both in the future and along the way.

We won’t mislead you. When you step into the intellectual property landscape, there are plenty of obstacles to negotiate. It can be intense, with some tricky scenarios. However, you won’t be on your own. Our partners are there to guide, support and encourage you, making sure that the experience is not only challenging, but also enjoyable and rewarding. From our newest recruits to our most experienced partners, we are on this journey together.

That’s why we share knowledge and expertise, and pool our resources. We know that when we listen to each other and work as a team, we are more likely to avoid well-worn paths and arrive in new and exciting places. This approach is good for our clients and it’s good for you, no matter how early in your career you are.

Are you ready to start your journey with us?

In accordance with our equal opportunities policy, we will provide equal opportunities to any employee or job applicant and will not discriminate either directly or indirectly because of race, sex, sexual orientation, transgender status, religion or belief, marital or civil partnership status, age, disability, or pregnancy and maternity.

We work in the following sectors

  • Biomedical
  • Electronics
  • Intellectual Property
  • IT
  • Science
  • Pharmaceuticals

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Our origins date back to 1776 when James Poole was appointed Clerk of Inventions with the Patent Office of the Attorney General in London.
We've been shaping European intellectual property for over 200 years.
We are deeply involved in managing some of the world’s leading brands and IP portfolios.
We're an active member of IP Inclusive, a group of IP firms and businesses who are championing greater diversity within our industry.
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We sponsor the Intellectual Property – Electronics sector.