Inclusion & Diversity

Our philosophy

The philosophy of working as One BlackRock is at the core of our commitment to inclusion and diversity. We’ve made building a more diverse workforce a top priority and foster a collaborative culture based on trust, respect and integrity. We know that diversity strengthens us and an inclusive culture is essential to deliver superior results for our clients.

Every single employee plays a critical role. Diversity causes us to stop and reflect more deeply on our assumptions and to consider the unique perspectives and insights that each person brings. We learn from one another and encourage each other to develop, grow and make an impact. We are one team aligned around a shared sense of purpose and we strive to make every employee feel like they belong here at BlackRock.

Most of all, we believe that we should treat others as they would like to be treated. We can’t assume that others want the same things we do or see the world in the same way – we have to ask them and listen. Only then can we lean into and learn from the many voices at the table.

Be yourself. Be valued for it.

Our purpose is simple: we have a responsibility to help people around the world – from all walks of life – build a better financial future. So our workforce must reflect the diversity of our clients, in order to bring a wealth of perspectives and insights to solve their unique, complex challenges. But it’s not enough to focus solely on building a diverse workforce.

"Without inclusion, diversity means nothing, so our focus is on creating an inclusive environment for all employees, covering the whole spectrum of diversity". – Robert, Associate, Corporate Strategy, Hong Kong.

Our approach to hiring 

The challenges of a diverse world require the innovations of a diverse firm. The “best” person for the team is not necessarily the one with the most skills or the most prestigious background; it’s the person whose contribution will fill a specific need, expose an existing blind spot and elevate the team to perform better. At BlackRock, this is core to assembling our teams.

Our networks provide an opportunity for employees across the company with a diverse range of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives to connect with one another and help shape our culture. Networks are sponsored by senior leaders across the firm, and are proudly designed by employees, for employees.

Without inclusion, diversity means nothing.

Our active approach

We are committed to cultivating and advancing diversity in all forms because we believe a wide range of perspectives and talent is crucial to creating a richer experience for our employees, and a better outcomes for our diversified global client base.

Senior business leaders make it a priority to ensure that all employees in their groups understand why diversity is important for success and equip them with tools and knowledge to foster inclusion. We’ve also made inclusive leadership and management a core leadership competency.

Since 2015, more than 2,500 managers and leaders globally have participated in Driving Better Decisions.

This initiative helps leaders and managers understand how unconscious bias works and, most importantly, it provides concrete tools and guidance on how to take action to mitigate bias in key people and business decisions. As part of this programme, we’ve re-designed key human resources processes to foster diversity and minimise the potential for bias.