Circle Reading

Bryden Wood has worked with Circle Health/Health Properties Management Ltd (HPML) to deliver a new hospital facility in Reading to provide elective surgery through GP referral both on a private basis and as part of the expansion of patient choice within the NHS. Their aim is to create the UK’s lowest carbon hospital facilities, buildings that are efficient to construct, maintain and run as a profitable business, while also achieving an architectural legacy.

To take this ambition forward, Bryden Wood have developed the ‘HP Way’, a set of processes that build upon lessons learnt from earlier schemes to guide the design of future hospitals. A set of components and standard construction techniques (including Design for Manufacture and Assembly) will be adopted across the framework. Each new hospital retains a specific brief while developing or repeating a significant portion of the design from previous schemes. The intention is to continually refine and improve these common elements to improve the efficiency of production of design information and the quality of the end product, while also increasing cost and programme certainty.