Sustainability is not an option. For built assets, it shouldn’t be treated as an add-on. Sustainable buildings, created using a sustainable construction process, form an essential part of our path into the future.

We're always striving to use less material and energy.

Our lean design and engineering approach integrates sustainability from the earliest stages to achieve long-lasting and cost-effective benefits. This truly represents Design to Value.

The application of lean design to sustainable buildings

Bryden Wood are committed to designing and building energy efficient and sustainable buildings. The Building Physics and Sustainability Team does just that by using analytical modelling techniques to improve and refine buildings’ performance.

Our goal is to fine tune the building orientation, fabric and façade design in order to minimise the amount of intervention required by Mechanical and Electrical Engineering systems. This application of lean design is, in our view, essential to the provision of truly sustainable buildings and our Design to Value approach.