Laura Peach

Graduate Mechanical Engineer

"The best thing about the Engineering graduate programme is that it doesn't involve sitting in front of a PC all day."

Laura graduated in July 2011 with a MEng degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Sheffield. She started her Centrica journey in June 2010 as a summer placement student on the General Management programme working in an analyst role. Following her successful placement in Centrica Midstream she was invited to apply to the graduate programme. Having experienced life as an Analyst, she decided to stay true to engineering so returned to Centrica in September 2011 on the Mechanical Engineering graduate programme.

The best thing for Laura about the Engineering graduate programme is that it doesn't involve sitting in front of a PC all day. There is always an opportunity to get out on site and take a look at whatever it is you're working on in real life!

Laura decided Centrica was the place to start a career as an engineer because of the opportunities the graduate programme provides to work in various parts of the energy industry: power generation (both power stations and renewables) and gas production. Laura finds the energy industry as a whole is also an exciting one to work in as it is so dynamic. World events, such as the nuclear incident in Fukishama, have massive impacts on what is done here in the UK and as a nation we are facing a big challenge over the next 20 years or so as power stations are decommissioned and new ways of producing power are sought.

Laura's current role is as a Mechanical Engineer within the Operations department at Barrow Gas Terminals. This site looks after the day-to-day running of the gas processing plant that is an integral part of the gas fields Centrica operates in the East Irish Sea without it Centrica wouldn't be able to sell the gas and pump it into the national transmission system.

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