Tara Abachi

Asset Analyst

"She has completed her offshore survival training and is currently working toward her chartered status"

Role: Asset Analyst

Tara joined the Centrica Graduates programme in 2006 in search of a new challenge and the opportunity to travel around the UK as part of her job.

Since joining the programme, she has produced a bolt management procedure for the engineering team at Centrica Storage Limited that saves the company thousands of pounds in maintenance costs each year. She has completed her offshore survival training and is currently working toward her chartered status. She's also managed to pass her driving test, which makes it easier for her to travel to her different placements.

Tara is a keen tennis player and is a big fan of Rafael Nadal. She also enjoys watching quality TV, cooking (her favourite gadget is her food mixer!), dancing, travelling and listening to music, especially Dean Martin and Norah Jones.

Tara describes herself as determined, loyal and very perceptive, qualities she hopes will help her achieve her career goal of working in a senior technical role for a leading engineering organisation.

Tara has a master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from King’s College, London.

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