Blae Quayle


"Blae cites the integrated nature of the company as being a key factor attracting her to Centrica"

Blae joined Centrica in 2009 on the Geoscience scheme and is currently based in Centrica Energy Upstream in Windsor. She completed a summer internship in 2008 and graduated from Oxford University, where she studied Earth Sciences, in 2009. She is currently working on an exploration project on part of the UK Continental Shelf.

Blae cites the integrated nature of the company as being a key factor attracting her to Centrica. Following her summer placement in 2008, she was offered a place on the graduate scheme. Having really enjoyed her summer with Centrica and looking forward to spending her last year not worrying about finding a job, Blae accepted the offer and hasn’t looked back!

Blae is originally from the Isle of Man – other famous people from the island include the BeeGees, who were born there, and Jeremy Clarkson, who owns a lighthouse there!

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