Farman Farmanov


"I’d say that working at Softwire is a great way to start your career. New ideas are always welcomed here and good work is always appreciated."

I still remember it as if it were yesterday; I was looking at graduate jobs, approaching company stands at a recruitment fair in Oxford, and one was quite different among them all. As you can probably guess, I’m talking about Softwire. At first, I was attracted by the logic puzzles displayed on their banners and spent 15 minutes trying to solve them. Then I spoke to their staff and was struck by how passionate they were about their jobs.

I decided to apply that evening and was soon invited to a short phone interview, and then a face-to-face at Softwire’s office. During the on-site interview, I was impressed by the friendly, start-up like atmosphere, despite the fact that Softwire is now a successful and well-established company. I was really pleased when a job offer came through shortly afterwards.

As this was my first job, it was initially a challenge to adapt to a professional environment. However, I received a tremendous amount of support from colleagues and management. I was given responsibility from day one, being assigned to an internal project, and soon gained in confidence and ability.

Over time, working on various different projects, I broadened my skills, becoming familiar with new technology stacks and more adept at understanding and interpreting client requirements. I received constant feedback on my output, and had regular status chats with my managers which were a valuable source of guidance and advice. And now, nearly 18 months later, I am still constantly learning new things thanks to my colleagues who are clever and helpful, and who love sharing.

Talking of my colleagues, there are few working places where your colleagues are also your friends but Softwire is definitely one of them. The staff socialise together on regular basis through activities like board games, pub trips, various ‘morale events’, and so on. And Softwire is excellent at giving back to society. There are regular CSR events as well as time off for charitable activities, charity giving schemes, and so on.

I’d say that working at Softwire is a great way to start your career. New ideas are always welcomed here and good work is always appreciated. I am very happy to be in a low-stress, friendly environment working on challenging projects and honing my skills.

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