About us

Taylor Wessing is a leading international law firm. We work with clients in the world's most dynamic industries and help them succeed by advising on their businesses throughout their life cycle.

We’re a law firm for the game-changers; the smart thinkers; the ground-breakers. As a Top 20 law firm, we act as the legal advisors to the biggest names in revolutionary industries. We partner start-up clients as they change the way we see the world. And we support you, to be one of tomorrow’s brightest lawyers. We’re Taylor Wessing, and we’re trail-blazing. We think it’s time you joined us.

We are Taylor Wessing

Taylor Wessing looks for trail blazing graduates - smart thinkers and ground breakers, who'll become the top legal minds of tomorrow's biggest industries.

Specialising in technology, media and communications, life sciences and private wealth, we act for 32 of the world's top 50 brands; some of the world's most exciting start-ups and unicorns; and some of the world's wealthiest families.

A diverse client base allows us to advise on more than just the law. We're a firm that encourages new ideas and different ways of doing things. Our experts play an essential role in advising clients on business growth and protection, while introducing them to new people, new markets and fresh perspectives that will help their businesses stand out and flourish.

Who are we looking for?

Increasingly, our clients are in tech-focused sectors and industries, which means an understanding of our clients' businesses is becoming more and more fundamental to the way most law firms work, automatically driving a rise in demand for STEM graduates. Having a genuine interest in, and understanding of, your client's business is an important mechanism to building the relationship and the level and quality of service you can provide.

Collaboration is key to our success.

Collaboration is key to our success. We recruit a wide range of students including those who haven't studied Law. Scientists have a huge range of skills that can be transferred into the legal profession. The ability to communicate and present, problem solve, write detailed and factually correct reports; not to mention an ability to extensively research an issue and come up with an evidence-based recommendation, all go hand in hand with what lawyers do on a daily basis. Additionally, a scientist's logical thinking, problem-solving skills and ability to plan provide the ideal platform for a successful transition into law.

In any work environment, you need a mix of different people, skills and experiences, as this brings together different qualities to the team. A logical, methodical way of approaching tasks is greatly desired by law firms, and these are skills in which STEM students are well-equipped.

Types of work

Our specialists attract the most dynamic clients in the industry. We do more than just advise on the law. Companies with innovative business models, emerging technologies and exclusive products, and high stake investments need to remain competitive and distinctive. This is how we work.

We have an unrivalled network of industry leaders we work with and introduce our clients to. From start-ups to liquidity to global brands, clients work with us because it sets them apart.

We want everyone to enjoy working with us.

'Superb', 'outstanding', 'expert', 'strategic' and 'commercial' are all terms associated with our reputation. We want everyone to enjoy working with us – as much as that is possible when providing legal advice. Efficiency is important, but anticipating needs for greater protection and security through creative solutions complements the advice we provide to clients and will prepare you for future challenges of exceeding expectations.

Our client base within Life Sciences ranges from small biotech companies to global pharmaceutical giants – clients appreciate lawyers who are able to adapt to changing environments, utilising their finely honed critical thinking skills in order to meet their needs. Additionally, scientists often have a strong work ethic, derived from their busy university schedules – this gives confidence that the lawyer will have the stamina to act as a trusted advisor for the client – something we are seeing increasing amounts of at Taylor Wessing.

Probono initiatives 

Being involved in pro bono work gives us the opportunity to help those who would otherwise not be able to gain access to justice.

It’s something we encourage everyone to do. It helps us take a step back from our complex international transactions and witness the impact the law has on the lives of people in our local community.

We support numerous individuals and organisations each year including the Mary Ward Legal Advice Centre, Founding firm of Lawyers Volunteering for the Arts, the British Fashion Council, and we provide weekly advice at the Blackfriars Settlement legal advice centre in Southwark. Additionally, we are panel members of the Human Dignity Trust.


Creating an inclusive working environment and recognising the value diversity brings to the firm is key to our people strategy at Taylor Wessing; it's what makes Taylor Wessing a great place to work. Diversity in all professions is very important and the legal profession is no exception. The end goal for any firm is to create and maintain a supportive environment for everyone regardless of their background, culture or lifestyle.

Contextual recruitment

Not every candidate’s achievements look the same on paper. That’s why we use Rare Recruitment's Contextual Recruitment System to consider every student's achievements in context, helping to identify those with the greatest potential, from all backgrounds.

Disability confidence

We have an open dialogue around disabilities from the start; whether it’s discussing concerns about the recruitment process or our working environment.

We partner with MyPlus consulting to make disability confidence part of our student recruitment strategy, beginning with attracting candidates, through to assessment and on-boarding.

Diversity outreach

To provide opportunities for students from under-represented groups, we partner with Aspiring Solicitors (AS). As a result, we’re delighted that 50% of our training contract hires have made to AS members for the past two years.
We’ve also hosted AS collaboration events, shared our success stories with other firms and take part in the professional ambassadors' programme which allows students to speak first-hand to our lawyers.

We are also a partner firm at the DiversCity in Law graduate recruitment initiative and LGBT Leaders conference for LGBT+ students.

We also support inclusive initiatives through partnerships with Future First and PRIME.

One of our partners is the founding member of freehold – the first network to support lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) professionals working in the real estate industry.

We are a Stonewall Top 100 employer.

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Taylor Wessing is a full-service international law firm, working with clients in the world’s most dynamic industries.
With 28 offices in 16 jurisdictions, we support our clients wherever they want to do business.
We have a client base that includes 60% of the world’s top 50 brands.
We were named French Law Firm of the Year for Media Law 2018 by Best Lawyers.
Our standing today is built on a proud history dating back to 1788.
Due to our partnership with the NPG, employees have free admission to all exhibitions at the National Portrait Gallery through out the year.