At Zotefoams we understand our responsibility to ensure that everything we do as a company, and as individuals, has the minimum negative impact on the world we live in.

The core technology we use to expand foam is inherently the most environmentally-friendly way to produce the vital materials that we manufacture.

Unlike foam manufactured by our competitors, no other chemical additives are used to expand Zotefoams AZOTE® and ZOTEK® foam products. The basic foam has no toxic or volatile chemicals such as solid chemical residues, CFC, HCFC or volatile hydrocarbons.

And our revolutionary MuCell® extrusion technology is helping to produce lighter products that typically use 10-15% less raw material in their manufacture.

Our foams save weight and fuel in cars, trains and planes, save energy by insulating, and provide protection to people and goods. Our products help our customers reduce emissions, lower energy usage, improve fuel efficiency and comply with increasingly stringent safety regulations.

In common with other businesses, we seek to minimise the use of natural resource through measures such as reducing energy and polymer usage, which benefits the environment.  In the medium term we anticipate our technology being used to meet the growing demand for improved sustainability, with foams which include recycled or renewable content polymers. Zotefoams Products are rarely used in the ill-considered single-use applications predominantly in consumer packaging that drives a negative public perception of plastic.

We rigorously monitor and record environmental incidents no matter how small, and continually examine our processes to look for ways of avoiding these incidents in the future. At the same time we continue to take steps to drive down energy consumption and the amount of waste we produce as a priority in every area of our activity.

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