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We enable end users, vendors, and channel partners to leverage the true power of public and private cloud. Our vision is to be the world's leading provider of innovative unified cloud solutions delivered as a service through our partners. Read more »

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  • Computing/Technology
Founded by leaders of the IT industry, illapa has developed solutions designed specifically to meet the demands of the digital transformation.
Our solutions empower IT departments to build consistent policies around image builds, security, governance, cost control and data protection.
We are a Software Defined, Hypervisor Agnostic service with dynamic cloud billing.
We enable our partners, and customers, to prosper in this age of digital transformation.

Launching DevSecOps

Illapa to introduce container management and security “best practice” at Putting the “Sec” into DevOps event~ innovative new private and virtual private cloud provider to highlight key strategies and tools for optimal container management and security ~

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You Can’t Manage What You Can’t See

There are cost savings to be realised by migrating workloads from legacy systems to cloud services, but the only way to maximise the cloud's financial benefits is to do the hard work of analysing and comparing costs per workload when running on-premises and when relocated to a public or managed...

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