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We assess each candidate consistently against our requirements and the core competencies. Our complete assessment process is simple and consists of an online application form; if you are successful at this stage we will hold a short screening call with you and if you meet our business requirements and competencies we will invite you to an assessment centre.

Application Form

Our application form is relatively short, as we prefer to get to know you personally. It checks you meet our minimum requirements, captures personal details so we can contact you, and gives you the opportunity to showcase your key skills, abilities and capabilities. A member of our Student Recruitment team here in the UK screens the application form against our business requirements and the competencies listed above.

Our top hints & tips are:

  • Be honest – we’ll verify all results and statements of achievement during the process 
  • Be inclusive – we’re interested in all your skills and experiences so don’t just write down the ones you think we’re interested in; we want to know everything about you 
  • Be passionate – we want people who want to work for us, so use the application form to show why you’ve chosen CGI over one of our competitors.

Spelling and Grammar

Please check for mistakes in spelling and grammar before you submit your application. This may be pointing out the obvious but every year we receive a significant number of application forms littered with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Although the online application doesn’t have a spell-check facility, you can type the details in a Microsoft Word document or similar and use the checking facilities available. Remember however that sometimes these will not pick up words spelt correctly but used wrongly so do please read your form through first. If you’ve spent some time working on the form have a break before proofreading, or perhaps ask a friend to read it so you get a fresh view.


The interview is a two-way process. While we want to get to know you, it’s also your opportunity to get to know us better too. Interviews work best when candidate and interviewer are equally enthusiastic about the role. We’re very enthusiastic about recruiting; new innovative minds are central to the future success of our business. So show us why you’re enthusiastic about working for us and being the brains behind the next big thing.

The interview, which is part competency, part technical, is conducted by a senior member of staff with a vested interest in student recruitment. They may be Business Unit leaders or Project Managers who employ many students in their teams. Some may have come through the same recruitment process as you, and others will have experienced very similar processes. So you can guarantee at some point they were in your shoes and know exactly how you feel.

It’s entirely normal to be nervous before an interview, but you can learn to control these nerves by practicing for interviews and making sure you can answer the following questions articulately:

  • Why have you chosen to apply to CGI?
  • What is it about a career in IT that interests you?

Many careers services offer mock interview sessions. Use these to practice answering competency-based questions. Our competencies are listed on our website. The technical element of the interview will cover any key skills that you’ve highlighted on your application form and explore your written exercise.