Sana Gull

Infrastructure Stabilisation Team

"My first role within CGI was a functional testing role and then I moved onto junior business analyst role."

I studied at Aston University where I completed a Computer Science degree.

I currently work on a secure project as part of the service fulfilment team and also the infrastructure stabilisation team.

Tell us what first sparked your interest in technology?

My interest in technology started when I watched Toy story for the first time. I was amazed with what we could do with technology. I knew I had to find out more, I wanted to know how it was done and if I could do it. This led me to pursue career in technology.

Please give a brief overview of your career path and work experience to date ending with details of your current role.

I joined CGI as a placement student and have returned as a graduate student. When I first joined CGI I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I initially wanted to work as a technical architect designing systems and now I’m working as a business analyst focused on process development.

My first role within CGI was a functional testing role and then I moved onto junior business analyst role. I enjoyed being a business analyst so much that it has become my career path.

I’m currently working on two projects but my role is the same across both. I work on continual process improvement and development. On the process improvement side of things the client will identify an area for improvement and I will investigate and analyse the situation to produce a model to show what we are currently doing and my suggested improvements.

On the process development side of things I don’t just create a new process but I also get involved with a whole host of activities including supplier negotiation, cost modelling, training, etc.

It’s a fantastic role as I get to work across so many different areas of the business and with so many different people at all levels right up to programme directors. No two processes are the same so I’m constantly doing something different.

What do you think are the most important skills/strengths you need to be successful in a global technology company?

I think the most important skills are soft skills such as communication and professionalism. I think these are the most important as they are taught and all of sudden you’re thrown into an environment where you have to deal with clients, your peers and senior staff. How you act and talk to people becomes so important as you need to be able to communicate and build effective working relationships with different people on different levels.