Trocadero: Frigicoll/Kaysun Air Conditioning Units

  • Sector: Leisure, Retail
  • Contacts:
    • Supplier: Frigicoll/Kaysun
    • End-customer: Opium London
  • Location: London
  • Products installed:
    • Amazon VRF Outdoor units and No.22 Indoor units
    • No. 1 Kaysun Air Handling Unit

Opium London have recently added to their international leisure group. Their latest acquisition in the heart of London's West End has a Restaurant, Lounge and Nightclub. As part of the renovation and fit-out, Monodraught were selected to supply the air-conditioning systems to the 750m² indoor space. This attraction is ideally located for thousands of visitors per year as it is situated just off Leicester Square.

Monodraught are an award winning market leader in ventilation and cooling, providing high performance competitive systems with low running costs. The highly reliable systems are designed for low maintenance, backed up with extended warranties. Remote monitoring increases the lifespan of ventilation and cooling equipment and ensures they are running at optimum efficiency.

A pioneering British Greentech company, Monodraught use advanced IES Simulation & CADMEP software to model the performance that each system will deliver within a specific building project. This bespoke solution provides a long term strategy aligned with financial and sustainability objectives.

For this project, Monodraught were engaged to strip out all existing air conditioning equipment and replace with new, re-using as much of the existing pipework as possible.

Kaysun (through Frigicoll) air conditioning equipment was selected because of its high efficiency and energy savings due to the DC Inverter technology which varies the frequency of the compressor motor and fan motor of the outdoor unit depending on the total load requirement.

Monodraught supplied and installed a total of 22 No. Indoor units. The heat recovery VRF was provided to the main bar and club areas and ensures that the internal temperature is maintained throughout these areas to suit comfort levels in the most energy-efficient way. The systems are exposed and finished in matt black to offer an aesthetically pleasing finished look.

The company also supplied and installed a Kaysun Air Handing Unit, capable of providing 1500m3/hr of air to the entire nightclub, ensuring a constant fresh air supply and comfortable indoor climate. This system included all ductwork, grilles and diffusers, again finished to match the décor.

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