Clare Thompson

Adagial coach in consumer healthcare tech

"I like the working atmosphere and I think everyone is really in tune with our goal of trying to help the patients. Everyone has a different story about why they’ve come to work at GSK."

How the graduate got the job and why they chose your company:

I like the working atmosphere and I think everyone is really in tune with our goal of trying to help the patients. Everyone has a different story about why they’ve come to work at GSK. Sometimes it’s because family members or relatives suffer from various diseases. Everyone wants to help people – I think that’s creates a nice atmosphere throughout the office.

What the graduate’s role involves - typical activities and key responsibilities:

My work mostly revolves around coaching the teams that create systems and platforms not only for our customers and patients, but also for HCPs (healthcare professionals) and then also everyone else within GSK. Right now, they are providing online platforms so healthcare professionals can learn more about various diseases and the drugs we offer. So together, we enable healthcare professionals to do their jobs better and ultimately, to provide better care for patients.

Coming in on a Monday usually starts off with checking my emails – I tend to get quite a few emails late on Friday from the US. Then I meet with the other two coaches within my team and we discuss what we are doing to do for the rest of the week and that day. I would then usually prepare some workshops.

What training the graduate has received:

I feel that GSK has been really focused on my career development and how I would like my career to progress. I have had a very good mixture of formal training also a lot of opportunities to experience challenging work. I’ve been able to work with my manager and some of the Senior Leadership team in my area to decide what areas I want to go into and the skills I need to build.

If the graduate is on a structured/formal scheme, what that involves:

My first year’s rotation was 14 months because I wanted to stay on and finish the project I was doing. It was a really good project because it was really developing me; I was using new methodology for delivering projects within tech. The next role was also my choice: compliance. I was only there for four months when they suggested this coaching role because they thought my skill set would be really well suited to it. So these two roles I have chosen myself. I was able to have a very open conversation with the leadership: I said this is what interests me, and they said they would see if there were any opportunities.

Highlights of the work the graduate has done:

I’m currently working with a team that’s based mostly in Poznan. This week we’ve been working remotely: a workshop for about two hours and then a working session after that for an hour. But for the last two weeks I’ve actually been in Poznan – it’s quite intense; usually we try to do a full day of workshops and then some analysis of some of the teams’ behaviours and data.

Why they like working for you and anything that is particularly perky!

Being able to see the innovation that the teams are doing is amazing… seeing how they are actually changing the way people engage with tech.

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