Our sustainability initiatives are built on our values of uncompromising commitment to quality, health, safety and the environment.

We implement rigorous safety programmes designed to keep our employees and subcontractors safe and healthy. Our commitment to Zero Harm means all workers take ownership of their own safety as well as the safety of their colleagues, even empowering employees to stop work to correct potential hazards.

Some of KBR’s 2018 Engineering graduates at beach clean up in support of One Ocean.

We volunteer with and donate funds to charitable organisations and causes that align with our mission of improving health, education and the environment in the communities in which we live and work around the globe.

Whenever possible, we hire local workers in the countries where we operate, contributing to the development of communities, new job creation and the growth of local businesses.

We help customers navigate the increasingly complex regulatory landscape, reduce operating costs and enhance efficiencies through the production of environmentally-friendly solutions, technologies and best practices.

We strive to protect and minimise our impact on the environment wherever we operate. In this way, our commitment to our values creates tangible significance for our customers.

As well as our outreach programmes, we proudly support One Ocean, our engineering-led initiative working with local schools across the globe to find a solution to plastic pollution in our oceans. This is integral to our approach to sustainability and the protection of our environment.

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Janiv Shah – Associate Technical Professional - Process

"After studying Chemical Engineering at the University of Birmingham, I wanted to work..."

Nilushan - Electrical Systems

"I also enjoyed the internal and external training opportunities provided by the..."
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