Graduate Process Engineer

"As a graduate within Granherne you not only experience many aspects of process engineering, but also different disciplines"

Why did you choose Granherne?

I applied to Granherne, which is a subsidiary company to KBR.

As a consultancy, the work is high level, dynamic and varied. Projects typically last a few weeks to three months, so you get experience on numerous projects in a relatively short period of time - I often work on several projects simultaneously.

The nature of the work means you must think for yourself and be innovative and creative.

Why do you enjoy about the Graduate Scheme?

As a graduate within Granherne you not only experience many aspects of process engineering, but also different disciplines. This year I’ve worked on six projects and covered process, safety, environment and cost aspects. Granherne trains you and provides as many opportunities and experience as possible.

The excellent links between Granherne and KBR also gave me the opportunity to work within KBR for a few months to experience FEED.

What do you appreciate most about working at Granherne?

Within Granherne I most appreciate the fast pace and variety of work - it keeps me on my toes. The international nature of the projects is also very interesting, and so far I’ve worked on projects from Norway, Australia, and Azerbaijan.

My colleagues also give the office a great atmosphere, and are always willing to help and offer advice. It makes Granherne an enjoyable place to work.

How would you describe your role?

On larger projects I work as part of the Process team, where I contribute by doing calculations, report writing and process drawings. I often present my work directly to the client, and work closely with other disciplines.

My role can be quite varied and I have the opportunity to work in different departments to gain well-rounded experience, such as flow assurance, HSE or costing.

What type of projects have you worked on?

So far I’ve worked on the design of a Floating Liquefied Natural Gas facility. I’ve also worked on the re-development of an existing platform in the Caspian Sea, which involved looking at different solutions to producing more gas from existing terminals. I’ve also worked on Produced Water disposal, which is becoming increasingly important as oilfields age.

What other activities have you been involved in?

Granherne / KBR have IMPACT, an organisation for engineers with less than 7 years' experience. The aim of this is to get you involved and network within the company and help towards chartership. I was voted as a Charity and Community representative, and organised company events for Red Nose Day, the Christmas Ball and Summer Party.

Granherne / KBR also provide many other opportunities to help towards chartership, including Lunch & Learns and site visits to industrial facilities.