"KBR provides the resources to learn a wide range of computational software"

KBR has a global presence and invests a lot of time in their graduates, whilst having a commitment to assist their graduates to achieve Chartered status through their respective institute. The opportunities to work abroad were also very appealing.

As a Piping Graduate, there are opportunities to gain knowledge relating to stress, materials, and layout through first-hand experience on real world projects, working closely with experienced and friendly personnel. There are also opportunities to work abroad to further develop a deep technical knowledge of the discipline if that is something that interests you.

KBR also provides great support to all their graduates working towards becoming a chartered through the Institute of Mechanical Engineers which includes dedicated mentor support, Internal/External training courses, site visits and more.

For Developing Professionals, KBR has IMPACT London which arranges business and social events. Through this I attended Lunch and Learns, expanding my knowledge of the industry, and met other graduates at the social events such as Thames Cruises, evening trips to Comedy clubs and days at the races!

I am currently working as a Piping Stress Engineer which requires ensuring there is enough flexibility and strength within the piping layout to ensure correct operation of the LNG plants mechanical equipment. KBR has provided the resources to learn a wide range of computational software that has enabled this analysis through combined use of a 3D plant model and specialist Piping analysis software. The piping can range from small bore lines of a few inches right up to large compressor lines of 72” across vast plants which may give a sense of scale to the types of projects KBR undertakes.

I became a STEM Ambassador through KBR and have worked closely with both GCSE and 6th Form students with the aim of providing a better understanding of Engineering as a future Career path.