Simon Davison

Associate Technical Professional

"Every production company in the oil and gas industry knows of KBR due to their reputation and global footprint."

The history of KBR was one of the main reasons for my application. Every production company in the oil and gas industry knows of KBR due to their reputation and global footprint. The company has a real mentality to make you feel comfortable and ensure that there exists an ‘anyone can speak to anyone’ environment.

Since starting at KBR I have realised that the opportunities are endless. Even though I have only been at the company for 5 months, I have already taken part on a site trip to Norway, visiting the Johan Sverdrup accommodation module for Equinor. In addition, I have completed my first project rotation which was the design of a LNG train in Nigeria and am now looking forward to my next challenge, based in the Caspian Sea. I had the opportunity of participating in a global leadership team meeting, where I met the leaders of KBR from around the globe.

I feel now is a great time to join KBR as there exist many opportunities for graduates to be involved in challenging, value-adding work in a fast paced environment. However, KBR’s attraction does not end at the vast scale and majority of exciting projects, the extra-curricular activities is an amazing way to collaborate with the local communities and meet more colleagues. For example, our One Ocean initiative allows us to work closely with local schools whilst raising the awareness of plastic pollution in the ocean.
KBR’s support network is fantastic. Our professional development tool encourages you to set yourself challenges and milestones each year to ensure your career will not remain stagnant. The training courses you complete are yours to choose and your decisions will be supported.

With regards to my experience in the Mechanical Engineering department, I have worked mostly on static equipment, for example heat exchangers and pressure vessels. However, over the next few years I hope to rotate around machinery (compressors, turbines and pumps), packages, and heavy lifting. The graduate rotation scheme is also set up for you to spend time within other disciplines within your first year, ensuring you are better equipped to travel abroad in year two.
Due to the large numbers of graduates, the social life within the company is excellent. The IMPACT group organise social events for graduates and with the company’s leadership teams. Many of the activities are abstract, due to our close location to London, there is so many options available!