From Archaeology to Ark Teacher Training: Inspiring the next generation of Biologists

Added: 27th September 2021 by Ark Teacher Training

And they’re off! Our trainees have made it to the classroom with all the skills, tools and confidence they need after completing Summer School with their fellow recruits. But what got them this far? Where did their drive to teach come from?

We caught up with Georgia, a Biology teacher trainee at Ark Alexandra in Hastings, about how she came to consider a career in teaching, the challenges she’ll face (and no doubt overcome!), and how teaching is so much more than relaying the curriculum with Ark Teacher Training.

What made you want to get into teaching?

“While working as an archaeologist, I found my work in heritage education and science outreach to be the most fulfilling. I cherish the opportunity to get other people as enthusiastic about my work as I am! Wanting to pave out a career in getting people excited about science, I hadn’t considered ‘traditional’ education and teaching as an option for me – especially coming from an archaeology background! But as I looked into it more and more, finding Ark Teacher Training’s programme, learning about the challenges faced by students from these disadvantaged backgrounds and how great quality teaching can help this, I was sure that teaching training was my next step!”

What would you say you’re looking forward to most about this experience?

“I cannot wait to meet the students and become part of the school community! I remember from my school days how big of an impact a good teacher can have, especially when based on strong relationships with students and having an involvement in school life. I also can’t wait to dive in and really focus on being the best teacher I can be – it’ll be a challenge but definitely one I’m looking forward to.”

With that being said, what do you think will be your biggest challenge during your training?

“My biggest challenge will definitely be subject content! I jumped straight into bioarchaeology and palaeoecology, so my understanding of the ‘basics’ of science and the GCSE curriculum is certainly a little rusty. With enough revision, lesson planning and support from Ark Teacher Training, I am sure I’ll quickly have this locked down!”

And finally, what else are you looking to take away from your experience with Ark Teacher Training?

“As well as wanting to immerse myself in a fulfilling vocation within the classroom, there are so many skills I will develop that I can take outside of the classroom, too. I want to learn how to convey knowledge in an easily digestible format, how to build the confidence of others around me, how to communicate in the most effective and most accessible ways – and more! I think there is so much more that goes into being a teacher than just ‘knowing a lot’ and ‘speaking in front of a class’. I want that well-rounded, developed presence in the classroom that I can carry with me through all parts of my life.”

Thanks so much Georgia! The very best of luck to you and all of our trainees – you’re going to be fantastic! Has what Georgia said resonated with you? Here at Ark Teacher Training, we understand what it takes to bring out the best teacher in us all! Our trainees are supported throughout their training and beyond and equipped with everything they need to become a fantastic teacher and establish a rewarding career for life.

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