What We Do


LUR has developed an approach to move from the traditional transactional methodology to a digital-based service proposition.

We will create and convert data into management information to enable a more progressive relationship to be established, allowing more time to focus on product and service innovation rather than the delivery of the product.

LUR’s strategy for digitalisation is based on three elements:

  • Customer-based value chain integration 
  • Customer-based products and services
  • Company and Group IT

Local Service Capability 

LUR’s manufacturing, logistics and product development capability is a foundational element of LRS’s global business strategy. It maintains a local service element in addition to the technical capabilities and strengths of its shareholders.

  • A single efficient manufacturing ‘hub’ in Italy for the ‘hot’ processes
  • Local service capability ‘spoke’ with local knowledge providing final operations and services to local customers which ensures supply chain resilience and security of supply.
  • Depth of manufacturing and materials knowledge to drive R&D and innovation at the hub to support the local support services.

Operational Excellence 

LUR has a philosophy with our shareholders where problem-solving, teamwork and leadership are fundamental in the ongoing improvement of the organisation.


LUR is innovating its organisational capabilities and processes to better create mutual value with its customers through a shift from selling product to selling product-service systems.

We are doing this through the development of our service culture, alternative life cycle based products SmartSet, SAMT and RFID technology to ensure the maximum service to the customer can be provided.

LUR also provide dedicated account management with a strong understanding of our customer needs through experience and communication.

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