The Electrical & Electronic Engineering Society (EEESoc) organises various events for the students and staff in the University of Manchester’s School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering. Our academic events include industrial site visits, educational talks and networking sessions with the aim of widening the commercial awareness of our students and provide wider networking opportunities. Our non-academic activities, such as Halloween socials, football tournaments, pub quizzes and the annual Spring Ball aim to foster friendships and deepen bonds within the faculty.

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The society caters to all 1000+ students and faculty staff in the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering.
We sold 352 EEESoc hoodies in the 2015/16 academic year alone.
We organise “Maths Club” every fortnight, where staff give 1 hour talks on any topic in the maths and physics fields.
The most recent Maths Club lecture titled '5 lines of code to land on the moon' was given by Dr. Joaquin Carrasco.