Dundee Computing Society (DUCS)

The Dundee University Computing Society (DUCS) is a place for anyone with an interest in computing to meet new people and attend a wide range of events throughout the year: from casual nights out, to social collaborations with other campus societies, and more formal functions such as our Annual Ball. We are well-connected with local companies and other Universities, and we frequently attend and promote events which are happening around Scotland and even further afield. We have members who do Applied Computing, Computer Science, Business Computing, Human-Computer Interaction, Cognitive Science, and Maths.

Members typically study

  • Computing/Technology
  • Sciences/Maths

The facts

We have 700 members and counting on our Facebook group.
Our annual member intake is around 90.
We have our own society newsletter called “What’s Quacking”.
We are better known as “DUCS” and our mascot is a Duck.

Employers Who Like Our Society

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How to Join

You can join our society by emailing us or by visiting our facebook page.