City Computer & Games Society

Welcome to the Computer and Games Society (CGS): a diverse hub for individuals interested in gaining a great social and educational experience at City, University of London. This society constantly attracts individuals from various degree backgrounds; thus making this place perfect for making new friends.

This society enables those interested in technology to improve their craft, as we organise workshop sessions to develop members’ professional and technical skills: HTML, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript and many more. In addition, gamers who join the society will engage with exciting activities, as CGS runs tournaments and weekly social events where you can play your favourite games: League of Legends, FIFA 17, Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Street Fighter V, Call of Duty, fuse ball table, card games and many more. The society aims to connect our members to tech companies via panel and network events.

Overall, CGS endeavours to make your university experience as memorable and exciting as possible.

Members typically study

  • Computing/Technology
  • Sciences/Maths

The facts

The Society was founded in 2014 by Om-Kalthoom Bashumailah.
In 2015, the membership was raised by 55% after first term in office.
The Society hosts weekly game nights and biweekly tournaments throughout the year.
The founder was recently named Society Committee Member of the Year.
We have actively engaged with external employers to run workshops and network events for our members.

Employers Who Like Our Society

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How to Join

If you are interested in joining our society of receiving more information you can email us or visit our facebook page