Recent Projects

3D Printed "Bionic" Hand

After printing a prosthetic hand for Kelsie, we are hoping to work with charities to provide them for free. The “bionic” hand is helping the 10-year-old girl live a more independent life, enabling her to do things she could never do before – like skipping and riding her bike.

3D Printing the Porsche Cayman S

In May 2017, we printed a miniature model of the Porsche Cayman S. You can see the progression in the photos we took during the process...  

3D Printed Small Scale Ford V6 Engine Block

To Challenge our Zortrax M200 capabilities, we went for a very small and complex object. The Ford V6 engine block (Scaled to 4cmx3cmx2cm) was designed and shared by Ford itself. It got printed in Z-Ultrat (4 hours) with the smallest layer thickness possible 0.09mm and supports.

Reverse Engineering of 80s Slider Knob

It started by the company Mike Andy Entertainments contacting our Society and letting us know how impossible for them it is to buy the 80s DJ Mixers slider caps since they were discontinued. By receiving samples of the wanted product, we went to take measurements and then started designing it in Solidworks. Afterwards, we 3D printed a sample. Once it got approved, we launched the printing of more than 30 slider knobs. Mike Andy’s company was very pleased by the result.