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University of Aberdeen

Aberdeen Chemistry Society

Aberdeen Physics and Astronomy Society

Aberdeen University Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)

Aberdeen Formula Student Society (TAU Racing)

Aberdeen Mechanical Engineering Society

Aberdeen Geology Society

Aberdeen Robogals

Aberdeen Maths Society

Aberdeen Computing Society (AUCS)

Abertay University

Abertay Maths Society

Aberystwyth University

Aberystwyth Physics Society

Aberystwyth Maths Society

Aberystwyth BioChem Society

Aberystwyth Robotics Club (ARC)

Aston University

Aston Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

Aston Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry Society (CEAC)

Aston Computer Science Society (CSS)

Aston Electronics Society

Aston Mathematics Society (Mathletes)

Aston Women's Engineering Society (WES)

Aston Astronomy & Astronautic Society (AstroSoc)

Aston Physics Society

Aston Logistics Society (LogSoc)

Bangor University

Bangor University Makerspace Society

Bangor Electronic and Electrical Engineers Society (IEEE)

Bangor University Engineering Society

Bangor University Chemistry Society (ChemSoc)

University of Bath

Bath Architecture & Civil Engineering Society (ACE)

Bath BioSciences Society (BUBS)

Bath Chemical Engineering Student Association (CESA)

Bath Chemistry Society (Chem:Soc)

Bath Computer Science Society (BCSS)

Bath Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Society (BEAMES)

Bath Maths Society (BUMS)

Bath Physics Society (PhySoc)

Bath Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

Bath Pharmacy Students' Association (PSA)

Bath Natural Sciences Society (BUNSS)

Bath Space Society (Space Soc)

Birkbeck University of London

Birkbeck Geological Society

Birmingham City University

Birmingham City Electronic Engineering Society

Birmingham City EWB

Birmingham City Hackathon & Computing Society (HaCS)

Birmingham City Engineering Society

University of Birmingham

Birmingham Civil Engineering Society (CivSoc)

Birmingham Computer Science Society (CSS)

Birmingham Electronic, Electrical & Systems Engineering Society (EESE Soc)

Birmingham Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

Birmingham Mathematics Society (MathSoc)

Birmingham Materials Society (BUMS)

Birmingham Chemistry Society (ChemSoc)

Birmingham Autonomous Robot Club

Birmingham Chemical Engineering Society (BUCES)

Birmingham Astronomical Society (AstroSoc)

Birmingham Mechanical Engineering Society (MechSoc)

Birmingham Nuclear Society (NucSoc)

Birmingham Out in STEM Society (oSTEM)

Birmingham Theoretical Physics Society (GUTS; Grand Unified Theorist Society)

Birmingham Women in Science & Engineering (WISE)

Birmingham Poynting Physical Society (PPS)

Lapworth Society

The University of Bolton

Bolton Advanced Science and Engineering Society

Bournemouth University

Bournemouth Computing Society

Bournemouth Games Development Society

The University of Bradford

Bradford Electronic Engineering Society

Bradford Civil & Structural Engineering Society (CivSoc)

Bradford Chemical Forensic Society (UBU CFS)

Bradford Computing & Programming Society (PiSoc)

Bradford Association of Pharmacy Students (BAPS)

The University of Brighton

Brighton Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

Brighton Computing Society (CompSoc)

Brighton Chemistry Society (ChemSoc)

Brighton Engineering Society

Brighton Computing Society (Hastings)

Brighton Mathematics Society (BUMathsSoc)

Brighton Mantell Geological Society (Mantell GeoSoc)

Brighton Pharmacy Society (PharmSoc)

Brighton Tech Soc - HND Computing

Brighton Motorsport Society

The University of Bristol

Bristol Aerospace Engineering Society (AeroSoc)

Bristol Chemistry Society (Fusion)

Bristol Computer Science Society (CSS)

Bristol Electrical & Electronic Engineering Society (BEEES)

Bristol Geology for Global Development Society (GfGD)

Bristol Undergraduate STEM Research Society (BUSRS)

Bristol Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

Bristol Physics Society (Chaos)

Bristol Chemical Physics Society (Duality)

Bristol BioChemistry Society (Helix)

Bristol Engineering Design Society (EngDes)

Bristol Women in Engineering Society (WES)

Bristol Student Robotics Society

Bristol Civil Engineering Sociey (CivSoc)

Bristol Maths Society (Matrix)

Bristol Space Exploration Society (SEDS)

Bristol Women in Science (UBWS)

Bristol Industry Led Design (BUILD)

Bristol Society of Economic Geologists (UBUSEG)

Bristol Drone Society (BUDS)

Brunel University London

Brunel Civil Engineering Society (CivSoc)

Brunel Electronics & Computer Engineering Society (ElectroniCo)

Brunel Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

Brunel Mechanical Engineering Society (EQ8)

Brunel Women in STEM & Design Society (Innovia)

Brunel Mathematics Society

Cambridge - Jesus

Jesus College Peter Mitchell Society

The University of Cambridge

Cambridge Chemical Engineering Society

Cambridge Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

Cambridge Physics Society

Cambridge Robogals

Cambridge Scientific Society

Cambridge Churchill College Engineering Society

Cambridge Murray Edwards College Franklin Society

Cambridge Pembroke College Science Society (Stokes)

Cambridge Queen's Engineering Departmental Society

Cambridge Technology & Enterprise Club (CUTEC)

Cambridge Jesus College Peter Mitchell Society

Cambridge Clare College Natural Science Society (Whiston)

Cambridge St John's Engineering Society (Parsons)

Cambridge St John's Mathematical Society (Adams)

Cambridge Sidney Sussex College Science Society (Wilson)

Cambridge Eco Racing Society (CUER)

Cardiff Metropolitan University

Cardiff Metropolitan Computing Society

Cardiff University

Cardiff BioScience Society (BioSci Soc)

Cardiff Chemistry Society (ChemSoc)

Cardiff Computer Science Society (ComSci Soc)

Cardiff Engineering Society (EnginSoc)

Cardiff Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

Cardiff Maths Society (MathSoc)

Cardiff University Astronomy Society (CU AstroSoc)

Cardiff Physics and Astronomy Society (Chaos)

Cardiff Electronics & Technology Society (ET Soc)

Cardiff WSPA Pharmaceutical Society

University of Central Lancashire

UCLan Physics Society

UCLan Engineering Society

UCLan Mathematics Society

UCLan Chemistry Society

UCLan Computing Society

UCLan Pharmacy Society

University of Chester

City, University of London

City Engineers Without Borders

City Data Science Society

City Tech Society

City Robotics Society

City Civil Engineering Society

Cork Institute of Technology

Cork Institute of Technology, Chemical Engineering Society

Coventry University

Coventry Automotive Society

Coventry Mechanical Engineering Society (MechEngSoc)

Coventry Society of Petroleum Engineers Society (SPE)

Coventry Computing Student Showcase (The New Wizards)

Coventry Maths Society (CovMathsSoc)

Coventry Aviation Society (CUAviSoc)

Coventry Architecture Society

Coventry Construction Society (ConSoc)

Coventry Civil Engineering Society

Coventry Technical Architecture Society

Cranfield University

Cranfield Astronomical Society (CranSEDS)

Cranfield Aeronautical Society (Aero Society)

De Montfort University

DMU Application Development Society (App Development)

DMU Games Development Society (GDS)

DMU Hackers Society

DMU Racing

DMU Formula Student Electric Racing (FaStER)

DMU F10 Design Society

DMU Electronics Club (DMUTech)

The University of Derby

Derby Engineering Society

Derby Maths Society

Derby Motorsport

Dublin City University

Dublin City Engineering Society

Dublin Institute of Technology

Dublin Institute of Technology Aeronautical Society

Dublin Institute of Technology Engineering Society

Dublin Institute of Technology Astronomy Society

The University of Dundee

Dundee Physics Society

Dundee Racing Society (DRIVE)

Dundee Petroleum Engineering Student Chapter (SPE)

Dundee Maths Society (DUMAS)

Dundee Aeronautical Society

Dundee Mechnical Engineering Society (MechEng)

Dundee Engineering Society (DUES)

Durham University

Durham Computing Society (CompSoc)

Durham Engineering Society

Durham Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

Durham Students for the Exploration & Development of Space (SEDS)

Durham Physics Society (PhysSoc)

Durham Electric Motorsport (DUEM)

Durham Chemistry Society (ChemSoc)

Durham Mathematical Society (MathSoc)

Durham Geological Society (Arthur Holmes)

Durham Astronomical Society (AstroSoc)

The University of East Anglia

The University of East London

Edge Hill University

Edge Hill Women in STEM Society

Edinburgh Napier University

Edinburgh Napier Developers Society

Edinburgh Napier Civil Engineering Society

Edinburgh Napier Makers Society

The University of Edinburgh

Edinburgh Computer Society

Edinburgh Engineering Society

Edinburgh Engineers Without Borders

Edinburgh Maths Society

Edinburgh Mechanical Engineering Society

Edinburgh Chemistry Society

Edinburgh Hyperloop Team (HYPED)

Edinburgh Women in STEM

Edinburgh Formula Student (EUFS)

The University of Essex

Essex Computer Society (ECS)

University of Essex Maths Society

University of Essex Astronomy Society

Essex Game Development Society (GameDev, GDS)

The University of Exeter

Exeter Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

Exeter Maths Society (MathSoc)

Exeter Computer Science Society (CSS)

Exeter Applied Physics Experiments (APeXe)

Exeter Physics Society

Exeter Renewable Energy Society (RES)

Exeter (FXU) Maths Society

Glasgow Caledonian University

Glasgow Caledonian Computing Society

Glasgow Caledonian Engineering Society

Glasgow Caledonian Built Environment society

Glasgow Caledonian Ethical Hacking Society

The University of Glasgow

Glasgow BioChemistry Society

Glasgow Technology Society (TechSoc)

Glasgow Earth Science Society (GUESS)

Glasgow Astronomical Society (AstroSoc)

Glasgow Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

Glasgow Female Engineers (FEMENG)

Glasgow Game Design & Development Society (GUDEV)

Glasgow Women in STEM (WiSTEM)

Glasgow Robotics Society (GURobotics)

Glasgow Formula Student Team (UGRacing)

The University of Greenwich

Greenwich Computer Society

Greenwich Maths Society

Greenwich Ethical Hacking Society

Greenwich Medways Chemistry Society

Heriot-Watt University

Heriot-Watt Chemical Engineering Society

Heriot-Watt Computing Society

Heriot-Watt Physics Society

Heriot-Watt Engineers Without Borders

Heriot-Watt Electrical Engineering Society

Heriot-Watt Chemistry Society

Heriot-Watt Mechanical Engineering Society

Heriot-Watt Civil Engineering Society

Heriot-Watt Petroleum Engineering Society

Heriot-Watt Maths Society

Heriot-Watt Architectural Engineering Society

Heriot-Watt Formula Student Team (HWRacing)

The University of Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire Motorsport Society

Hertfordshire Computer Science Society (UH CSS)

Hertfordshire Engineering Society

Hertfordshire Physics Society (PhySoc)

Hertfordshire Pharmacy Society (PharmSoc)

Hertfordshire Formula Student Team (UH Racing)

Hertfordshire Pharmacology Society (PharmaSoc)

Hertfordshire Women in STEM (WES)

The University of Huddersfield

Huddersfield Computing Society

Huddersfield Engineering Society

Huddersfield Chemical Engineering Society

Huddersfield Automotive Racing Enterprise (HARE) Team

Huddersfield BioScience Society (HUBS)

Huddersfield Games Development Society (GameDevSoc)

Huddersfield Chemistry Society (HUCS)

Huddersfield Formula Student Team (HARE)

The University of Hull

Hull Chemistry Society (HU ChemSoc)

Hull Computer Society (ComSoc)

Hull Engineering Society

Hull Maths Society

Hull BioChemistry Society

Hull Formula Student Team (HUFS)

Imperial College London

Imperial College BioChemistry Society (BioChem)

Imperial College BioEngineering Society (BioEng)

Imperial College Chemical Engineering Society (ChemEng)

Imperial College Chemistry Society (ChemSoc)

Imperial College Civil Engineering Society (CivSoc)

Imperial College Department of Computing Society (DoCSoc)

Imperial College Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

Imperial College Mechanical Engineering Society (MechSoc)

Imperial College Physics Society (PhySoc)

Imperial College Robogals

Imperial College Rail and Transport Society

Imperial College Aeronautical Society (AeroSoc)

Imperial College Maths Society (MathSoc)

Imperial College Astronomical Society (AstroSoc)

Imperial College Game Development

Imperial College Formula Student (RacingGreen)

Imperial College Women in Science, Engineering & Technology (WinSET)

Imperial College Materials Society (MatSoc)

Imperial College Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)

Imperial College Data Science Society (ICDSS)

Imperial College Drone Society

Keele University

Keele Physics and Astrophysics Society

Keele Computing & Innovation Society

Keele Chemical Sciences Society

Keele Maths Society

Keele Geological Society (GeoSoc)

Keele Hack Society

The University of Kent

Kent Engineering Society (EngSoc)

Kent Computing Society (KCS)

Kent Maker Society (TinkerSoc)

Kent Chemistry Society (ChemSoc)

Kent Maths Society (SMSAS)

Kent Game Development Society (GDS)

Kent Cyber Security Society

King's College London

King's Robotic Society (KCL Robotics)

King's Chemistry Society (ChemSoc)

King's Engineering Society (KCL Engineering)

King's Physics Society (Maxwell)

King's Women in STEM (KCL WiSTEM)

King's Energy Society (KCL EnSoc)

King's Tech Society (KCL Tech)

King's BioChemistry Society (KCL BioChemSoc)

King's Pharmacy Society (KCL PharmSoc)

King's Biomedical Sciences Society

King's FinTech Society (Financial Technology)

King's Space Society

Kingston University London

Kingston Geology Society (KU Geology)

Kingston Chemistry Society (ChemSoc KU)

Kingston Engineering Society (Kingston EngSoc)

Kingston BioScience Society

Kingston Pharmacy Student Association (KUPSA)

Lancaster University

Lancaster Maths & Stats Society (LUMASS)

Lancaster Computer Science Society (CSS)

Lancaster Motorsport Society (LUMOTO)

Lancaster Physics Society (LUPhyS)

Lancaster Chemistry Society (LUChemSoc)

Leeds Beckett University

Leeds Beckett Programming Society (ProgSoc)

Leeds Beckett Hacking Society

The University of Leeds

Leeds Chemical Engineering Society (ChemEng Soc)

Leeds Petroleum Engineering Society (SPE)

Leeds Physics Society (PhySoc)

Leeds Product Design Society

Leeds Student Women's Engineering Society (WES)

Leeds Civil Engineering Society (CivSoc)

Leeds Computer Science Society (CompSoc)

Leeds Mathematics Society (MathSoc)

Leeds Formula Race Team

Leeds Students for the Exploration & Development of Space Society (SEDS)

Leeds Society of Economic Geologists (SEG)

Leeds Electronic & Electrical Engineering Society (ShockSoc)

Leeds Astronomy Society (AstroSoc)

Leeds Aviation Society (AvSoc)

Leeds Chemistry Society (ChemSoc)

Leeds Earth Sciences Society (RocSoc)

Leeds Science Magazine (LUUSci)

Leeds Robotics Society

Leeds Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

The University of Leicester

Leicester Computing Society (ULCS)

Leicester Engineering Society (EngSoc)

Leicester Maths Society (SUMS)

Leicester Astronomical Society (AstroSoc)

Leicester Physics Society (PhySoc)

Leicester Chemistry Society (ChemSoc)

Leicester Geology Society (PCSB)

Leicester Pharmaceutical Sciences Society (PharmSci Soc)

Leicester Forumla Student (UoL Racing)

University of Limerick

Limerick Computer Society

Limerick Engineering Society

Limerick Maths Society

University of Lincoln

Lincoln Architecture and Design Society

Lincoln BioChemistry Society

Lincoln Chemistry Society (ChemistryLinc)

Lincoln Game Development Society

Lincoln Engineering Society

Lincoln Mathematical Society

Lincoln Pharmacy Society (PharmSoc)

Lincoln Computer Science Society

Liverpool Hope University

Liverpool Hope Maths and Computer Science Society

Liverpool John Moores University

LJMU Civil & Construction Society (CCS)

LJMU Mathematics Society

LJMU Games Development Society (GameDev)

LJMU Cyber Security Society

LJMU Formula Student

LJMU Electronics & Robotics Society (SURGE)

University of Liverpool

Liverpool Chemistry Society (ChemSoc)

Liverpool Computing Society (CompSoc)

Liverpool Electrical Engineering & Electronics Society (EShock)

Liverpool Civil Engineering Society (CivSoc)

Liverpool Engineering Challenges Society (ULECS)

Liverpool Engineers Student Society (LESS)

Liverpool Mathematical Society (MathSoc)

Liverpool Physics Society (PhySoc)

Liverpool Aerospace Society (ULUTeam)

Liverpool Architecture Society (ASoc)

Liverpool Life Sciences Outreach

Liverpool Astronomy Society (AstroSoc)

Liverpool Solar Challenge Team (UOL Solar)

Liverpool Herdman Society (Earth Science)

London South Bank University

Chemical & Petroleum Engineering Society

Loughborough University

Loughborough Computer Society (LSUCS)

Loughborough Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

Loughborough Robogals

Loughborough Hacking Society (LSU Hack)

Loughborough Motorsport Society (LSUMC)

Loughborough Technology Society (TechSoc)

Loughborough Chemistry Society (ChemsocLboro)

Manchester Metropolitan University

Manchester Met Computing Society (CompSoc)

Manchester Met Mathematics Society

Manchester Met Chemistry Society

Manchester Met Environment & Geography Soc (MMEGS)

Manchester Met Formula Student (MMURacing)

The University of Manchester

Manchester Aerospace Engineering Society (AeroSoc)

Manchester Chemical Engineering Society (ChemEngSoc)

Manchester Civil & Construction Society (CCS)

Manchester Computer Science Society (CSSoc)

Manchester Engineers without Borders (EWB)

Manchester Mechanical Engineering Society (MechSoc)

Manchester Physics Society (PhysSoc)

Manchester Chemistry Society (ChemSoc)

Manchester Robogals

Manchester Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)

Manchester STEM Society

Manchester Women in Science & Engineering Society (WiSE)

Manchester STEM Outreach Society

Manchester Astronomy Society (UMAS)

Manchester Students for the Exploration & Development of Space Society (SEDS)

Manchester Mathematics Society (MathSoc)

Manchester Nuclear Physics Society (NPS)

Manchester Pharmacy Society (MUPS)

Manchester Karting and Motorsports Society (UOMKMC)

Manchester Flight Simulation Society (FlightSim)

Manchester Unmanned Aerial Systems Society (UAV)

Manchester Materials Society (MatSoc)

Manchester Geology & Environmental Students (GEMS)

Manchester Formula Student Society

Middlesex University London

Middlesex Sigma Society

National University of Ireland, Maynooth

NUI Maynooth Computer Science Society (MINDS)

Newcastle University

Newcastle Chemical Engineering Society

Newcastle Physics Society (PhysSoc)

Newcastle Civil Engineering & Geosciences Society (CEGSoc)

Newcastle Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

Newcastle Maths Society (MathSoc)

Newcastle Computing and Technology Society (NUCATS)

Newcastle Electrical Engineering Society (ShockSoc)

Newcastle Chemistry Society (Nu:KEM)

The University of Northampton

Northampton Computing Society

Northampton Environmental Science Society

Northumbria University

Northumbria Mathematics Society (MathsSoc)

Northumbria Physics Society

Northumbria Chemistry Society (ChemSoc)

Northumbria Computer Society

Northumbria Engineering Society (EngSoc)

Northumbria STEM Ambassador Society

Northumbria Formula Student Society (FSN)

Northumbria Gaming Development Society (GameDevs)

Northumbria Disaster and Development Society

Nottingham Trent University

Nottingham Trent Civil Engineering Society (CivSoc)

Nottingham Trent Architecture Society (NTAS)

Nottingham Trent Astronomy & Physics Society (APSoc)

Nottingham Trent Mathematics Society

Nottingham Trent Motorsports Society

The University of Nottingham

Nottingham Architectural Engineering Society

Nottingham Computer Society (CompSoc)

Nottingham Mechanical Engineering Society (MechSoc)

Nottingham Electronics & Electrical Engineering Society (ShockSoc)

Nottingham Mathematics Society (MathSoc)

Nottingham Chemistry Society (ChemSoc)

Nottingham Pharmacy Society (PharmSoc)

Nottingham STEM Outreach Society

Nottingham BioChemistry Society (BioChemSoc)

Nottingham BioTechnology Society (BioTechSoc)

Nottingham Hacking Society (HackSocNotts)

Nottingham Aerospace Society (AeroSoc)

Nottingham Design Society

Renewable Energy Society

The Open University

Dr Turing Society

Oxford Brookes University

Oxford Brookes Computer Science Society

Oxford Brookes Computing Society (Union Computing)

Oxford Brookes Formula Society (Union Karting)

The University of Oxford

Oxford Females in Engineering, Science & Technology (OxFEST)

Oxford Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

Oxford Energy Society

Oxford University Chemistry and Biochemistry Society

Oxford Computing Society

Oxford Engineering Society

Oxford Software Engineering Society (OxSoftEng)

Oxford Physics Society (PhysSoc)

Oxford Geological Society

Oxford Materials Society (OUMatSoc)

Oxford Women in Physics Society

Oxford Formula Student Team (UniRacing)

Plymouth University

Plymouth Chemistry Society (ChemSoc)

Plymouth Civil Engineering Society (CivSoc)

Plymouth Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

Plymouth Engineering Society (PlymEng)

Plymouth Technology Society (TechSoc)

Plymouth Mathematics Society

Plymouth Computer Information Security Society (CISS)

Plymouth Women's Engineering Society (WES)

Plymouth Geological Society (GeolSoc)

Plymouth Architecture & Design Society (PADS)

Plymouth Computer & Gaming Society (CGS)

Plymouth Game Development Society (GDS)

The University of Portsmouth

Portsmouth Civil Engineering & Surveying Society (CESSoc)

Portsmouth Information Technology Society (ITSoc)

Portsmouth Mechanical Engineering Society

Portsmouth Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)

Portsmouth Motorcycle Society

Portsmouth Pharmacy Society (PPSA)

Portsmouth Robotics Society

Portsmouth Physics Society

Portsmouth Geological Society (GeolSoc)

Portsmouth Formula Student Team (UPRacing)

Portsmouth Gaming Society (UPGS)

Queen Mary, University of London

QMUL Electronic Engineering & Computer Science Society (EECS)

QMUL Engineering Society (EngSoc)

QMUL Mathematics Society

QMUL Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

QMUL Chemistry Society

QMUL BioChemical & Pharmaceutical Sciences Society (BioPharma)

QMUL Materials Society (MatSoc)

QMUL A.I. & Robotics Society

QMUL Genetics Society

QMUL Women in Engineering Society (WESQMUL)

Queen's University Belfast

Queen's Belfast Computing Society (QCS)

Queen's Belfast Engineering Society (EngSoc)

Queen's Belfast Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

Queen's Belfast Aerospace Engineering Society

Queen's Belfast Architecture Society (ArcSoc)

Queen's Belfast BioChemistry Society (BioChemSoc)

Queen's Belfast Chemical Engineering Society (CHESS)

Queen's Belfast Chemistry Society (ChemSoc)

Queen's Belfast Motor Club

Queen's Belfast Pharmacy Society (MessyPharmacists)

Queen's Belfast Physics & Applied Maths Society (PAMSoc)

Queen's Belfast Robotics Society (QRS)

The University of Reading

Reading Chemistry Society (ChemSoc)

Reading Computing & Engineering Society (RUCES)

Reading Mathematics & Statistics Society (RUMSS)

Reading Systems Engineering Society (RUSES)

Reading Pharmacy Society (RUMPS)

Reading Construction Society (RUCS)

Robert Gordon University

RGU Computing Society (CompSoc)

RGU Motorsport

RGU SPE Student Chapter

Royal Holloway University of London

Royal Holloway Computing Society

Royal Holloway Mathematics Society

Royal Holloway Geoscience Society (Lyell)

Royal Holloway Physics Society (PhysSoc)

The University of Salford

Salford Engineers Union Society (SUEU)

Salford Physics Society (SUPS)

Salford Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

Salford Computing Society

Salford Architecture Society (Architechnique)

Salford BioScience Society (USBS)

Salford Race Team Society (Formula Salford)

Salford Mathematics Society (SUMS)

Salford Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)

Sheffield Hallam University

Sheffield Hallam Engineering Product Design Society

Sheffield Hallam Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

Sheffield Hallam Space Society (SHUSEDS)

Sheffield Hallam Architecture Society (SHUArc)

Sheffield Hallam BioSciences Society (BioSoc)

Sheffield Hallam Chemical Engineering Society

Sheffield Hallam Chemistry Society (ChemSoc)

Sheffield Hallam Computer Forensics Society (ForenSoc)

Sheffield Hallam Mechanical Engineering Society (MechEng)

Sheffield Hallam Materials in Engineering Society (MatSoc)

Sheffield Hallam Physics Society (PhySoc)

Sheffield Hallam Women in Engineering & Mathematics Society

Sheffield Hallam Women in IT Society

Sheffield Hallam Engineering Club (SHUEEC)

Sheffield Hallam Unmanned Air Systems Society (UAS)

The University of Sheffield

Sheffield Aerospace Engineering Society (AeroSoc)

Sheffield BioEngineering Society

Sheffield Chemical Engineering Society (ChemEng Soc)

Sheffield Civil Engineering Society (CivSoc)

Sheffield Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

Sheffield Materials Society (MatSoc)

Sheffield Mechanical Engineering Society (MechSoc)

Sheffield Women in Engineering Society (WES)

Sheffield Graphic Design & 3D Modelling Society (GraphCAD)

Sheffield Students for the Exploration & Development of Space Society (SpaceSoc)

Sheffield Automatic Control & Systems Engineering Society (ACSE)

Sheffield Chemistry Society (UOS ChemSoc)

Sheffield Computing Science Society (ShefCompSoc)

Sheffield Electronic & Electrical Engineering Society (EEE)

Sheffield Architecture Society (SUAS)

Sheffield Physics Society (PhySoc)

Sheffield Formula Racing Society

Sheffield Architecture & Engineering Society (Architeers)

Sheffield Hacking Society (HS)

Sheffield Eco Motorsports

Sheffield General Engineering Masters Society (GEM)

Sheffield Unmanned Aircraft Systems Team (Project Hex)

Sheffield Mathematics Society (SUMS)

Solent University

Southampton Solent Engineering Society

University of South Wales

South Wales Mathematics Society

South Wales Chemistry Society (ChemSoc)

South Wales Engineering Society

South Wales Geological Society

The University of Southampton

Southampton Chemistry Society (ChemSoc)

Southampton Civil Engineering Society (CivSoc)

Southampton Electronics & Computer Science Society (ECSS)

Southampton Engineering Society (SUES)

Southampton Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

Southampton Maths Society (SUMS)

Southampton Physics Society (PhySoc)

Southampton Robogals

Southampton Astronomy Society (AstroSoc)

Southampton Cyber Security Society (SUCSS)

Southampton Geological Society (GeolSoc)

Southampton Hacking Society (HackaSoton)

Southampton Motorcycle Club (SUMC)

Southampton Student Robotics Society

Southampton Robotics Society (RoboSoc)

The University of St Andrews

St Andrews Computing Society (STACS)

St Andrews Physics Society (PhySoc)

St Andrews Engineering Group (EngiSoc)

St Andrews Mathematics Society (SUMS)

St Andrews Geology Society (GeolSoc)

St Andrews Robogals

St Andrews Astronomy Society (AstroSoc)

St Andrews Chemistry Society (ChemSoc)

Staffordshire University

Staffordshire Motorsport Society

Staffordshire Computing Society

Staffordshire Game Development Society

The University of Strathclyde

Strathclyde Chemical Engineering Society (ChemEng)

Strathclyde Civil Engineering Society

Strathclyde Electrical & Electronic Engineering Society (EEE)

Strathclyde Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

Strathclyde Design, Manufacture & Engineering Management Society (DMEM)

Strathclyde Computer Science Society (CompSci)

Strathclyde Technology Society (StrathTech)

Strathclyde Physics Society

Strathclyde Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Students Association (MAESA)

Strathclyde Students for the Exploration & Development of Space Society (SEDS)

Strathclyde Chemistry Society (Andersonian)

Strathclyde Women in Engineering Society (Interconnect)

Strathclyde Mathematics Society (SUMS)

Strathclyde Naval Architects & Marine Engineers Society (SNAMES)

Strathclyde BioChemistry Society

Strathclyde Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Society (EME)

Strathclyde Formula Student Team (USMotorsport)

Strathclyde Eco Vehicle Society (USEV)

The University of Surrey

Surrey Chemical Engineering Society (ChemEng)

Surrey Civil Engineering Society (CivSoc)

Surrey Maths Society

Surrey Mechanical Engineering Society (MechSoc)

Surrey Physics Society (PhySoc)

Surrey Computer Science Society (CompSoc)

Surrey Chemistry Society (ChemSoc)

Surrey Formula Student Society (Team SURTES)

Surrey STEM Society

Surrey Unmanned Aerial Systems Society (Team Peryton)

Surrey Electronics and Amateur Radio Society (EARS)

Surrey Women in Engineering Society (WES)

The University of Sussex

Sussex Chemistry Society (C60)

Sussex Informatics, Design & Engineering Society (USIDE)

Sussex Maths Society (SUMS)

Sussex Physics Society (QSoc)

Sussex Robogals

Sussex BioMedical Sciences & BioChemistry Society (BSB Soc)

Sussex Students for the Exploration & Development of Space (SEDS)

Sussex Formula Student Team (Sussex Racing)

Sussex Hacking Society

Sussex Mechanical Engineering Society

Swansea University

Swansea Chemical & Environmental Engineering Society (CEES)

Swansea Engineering & Sports Science Society (E&E)

Swansea Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

Swansea Physics Society (PhySoc)

Swansea Materials Engineering Society

Swansea Aerospace Engineering Society

Swansea Chemistry Society (ChemSoc)

Swansea BioScience Society

Swansea Formula Student Race Team

Swansea Computing Society (SUCS)

Swansea Geology & Earth Science Society (GESS)

Swansea Mathematics Society (SUMSoc)

Swansea Women in STEM (ScienceGrrl)

Swansea Electrical & Electronic Engineering Society (EEE)

Swansea Civil Engineering Society (CivSoc)

Swansea Motorsport Society

Teesside University

Teesside Mechanical Engineering Society (TUMEng)

Teesside Aerospace Society

Teesside Chemical Engineering Society

Teesside Chemistry Society

Teesside Computer Games Creation Society

Teesside Formula Student Society (Tees Racing)

Teesside Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)

Teesside Technology and Enterprise Club (2Tec)

Teesside Civil Engineering Society

Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College, Dublin Computer Science Society

Trinity College, Dublin Engineering Society

Trinity College Dublin Werner Chemical Society

Ulster University

Ulster Coleraine Pharmacy Society

Ulster Jordanstown BioMedical Engineering Society

Ulster Jordanstown Society of Student Engineers (USMEE)

University College Dublin

University College Dublin Electronic & Electrical Engineering Society

University College Dublin Maths Society

University College Dublin Chemical Engineering Society

University College Dublin Engineering Society

University College London

UCL Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

UCL Energy Society

UCL Data Science Society

UCL Financial Services Technology Society (FinTech)

UCL Hydrone & Formula Student Society (UCLR)

UCL Chemical Engineering Society (Ramsay)

UCL Physics Society

UCL Electronic Engineering Society (Flemming)

UCL BioChemical Engineering Society (Crook)

UCL Chemical & Physical Society (CPS)

UCL Technology Society (TechSoc)

UCL Life Sciences Magazine Society (Kinesis)

UCL Pharmaceutical Society (Pharma)

UCL Robotics Society (RoboSoc)

UCL Civil Engineering Society (Civ Soc)

UCL Construction & Property Society

UCL Biopharmaceutical Society

University of the West of England

UWE Aerospace Society (AeroSoc)

UWE Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

UWE Formula Students

UWE Women in Science & Engineering (WiSE)

UWE Mathematics Society

UWE Robotics

UWE Civil Engineering Society

The University of Warwick

Warwick Chemistry Society (ChemSoc)

Warwick Computing Society (UWCS)

Warwick Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

Warwick Aerospace Society (Rockets)

Warwick Formula Student Society (WarwickRacing)

Warwick Mobile Robotics Society (WMR)

Warwick Statistics Society (MORSE)

Warwick Astronomy Society (AstroSoc)

The University of West London

University of West London Aviation Society

University of West London Built Environment Society

The University of Westminster

Westminster Architecture Society (WAS)

Westminster Society of Electronic, Network & Computer Engineering (SENCE)

Westminster Mathematics Society (Lemma)

Westminster Astronomical Society Inc (WASI)

Westminster Motorsport Society

Westminster Pharmacology Society (WPS)

Westminster Games and Creative Society

Westminster Programming Society (PSoc)

Westminster Construction Society

University of Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton Chemical Engineering Society

Wolverhampton Chemistry Society

Wolverhampton Computer Games Design Society

Wolverhampton Formula Student (UWRacing)

Wolverhampton Civil Engineering Society (Wolves CivEng)

Wrexham Glyndŵr University

Wrexham Glyndŵr University Engineering Society

The University of York

York Mathematics Society (MathSoc)

York Physics Society (PhysSoc)

York Chemistry Society (ChemSoc)

York STEM Society

York Supporting Women in Engineering (SWEY)

York Supporting Women in Science

York Hacking Society (HackSoc)

York Astronomy Society (AstroSoc)

York Game Development Society (DevSoc)

York Natural Sciences Society