31 employers

The UK aerospace industry is the largest in Europe, second globally only to the USA.


18 employers

Automotive manufacturing is one of the leading engineering sectors in the world.


15 employers

Banks play a key role in a country's financial stability and help enable the economy to function efficiently.


3 employers

The Biomedical Sector researches, designs and develops systems and products to help treatment and improve healthcare.


20 employers

In the home, on the move, at work or at play, every one of us will be in contact with a process or product manufactured in the chemical industry.


40 employers

The construction sector builds, maintains and renews the places where we work, live and play.


41 employers

A consultancy is brought in by an organisation to suggest ways of improving the business.


21 employers

Cybersecurity professionals help keep businesses, Government and the people safe and secure.


29 employers

The defence sector, as well as national defence and security, plays a critical and strategic role in the industrial, technological and manufacturing base.


8 employers

Inspire young people by teaching the subject you love. Teaching is a great way to make your degree, skills and knowledge really count.


40 employers

The electronics sector is made up of companies that produce electronic equipment, consumer electronics and who manufacture electrical components for a variety of products.


35 employers

The energy industry between now and 2050 is set to change dramatically and will play a vital role in connecting new sources of energy generation.

Engineering Consultancy

39 employers

Engineering consultancies work closely with their clients to gain a deep understanding of their projects and offer unique technical expertise, expert planning and collaboration.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

17 employers

The things that we use everyday - that fly off the shelves! It all requires state-of-the-art production and distribution systems.


36 employers

The FinTech industry works to create faster, safer and more accessible financial services, employing technical solutions such as mobile banking, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.


1 employer

UK game designers and developers have contributed to some of the industry’s biggest entertainment successes across consoles, smartphones and PCs.


12 employers

Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and virtual reality are set to revolutionise how the Health sector treats patients and develops cures.

House Builders

6 employers

House Builders design, develop and construct communities and homes.


24 employers

The infrastructure industry combines function and form to develop innovative solutions that shape the world around us and make a meaningful difference to the lives of others.


5 employers

As the world continues to become a riskier place, the insurance sector provides the security needed to support global innovation and development.

Intellectual Property

12 employers

The Intellectual Property sector protects the rights of 'creations of the mind', such as inventions or literary works, through copyrights, patents, trademarks and more.

Investment Management

3 employers

Investment Management companies manage their clients financial goals, monitor their investments and create for them beneficial investment strategies.


82 employers

A career in IT is fast-paced and exciting; offering excellent opportunities to work on projects that make a real impact on the world.


10 employers

Law firms advise clients on their legal rights and responsibilities. They work across a diverse range of industries and sectors.


53 employers

The manufacturing industry develops and manufactures a wide range of high technology products, many of which provide environmental and quality-of-life benefits.


6 employers

Marine engineers design, build, test and repair boats, ships, underwater craft, offshore platforms and drilling equipment.


11 employers

Nuclear energy provides a secure, reliable and low carbon solution to the UK's energy requirements, but that's only a small part of what the industry can offer you.

Oil & Gas

24 employers

The Oil & Gas industry is crucial to our everyday needs. Without Oil & Gas, we wouldn't be able to function as we do today.

Online Betting

1 employer

The online betting sector generates revenues of nearly £5bn a year and has created over 100,000 jobs in the UK.


8 employers

The pharmaceutical industry discovers, develops and manufactures drugs and medications. The global pharmaceuticals market is worth over £978 billion.


4 employers

The Property sector focuses on real estate and strategic planning for owners, occupiers and investors around the world.


7 employers

The UK rail network includes over 2,500 stations and 20,000+ miles of track. The sector contributes nearly £40bn to the UK’s economy annually.


10 employers

The renewables industry is dedicated to making energy through renewable sources such as wind, water, solar, waves and heat.


6 employers

The retail industry is the UK's largest private sector employer with three million employees.


29 employers

The science industry is all about bringing ideas to life using a variety of processes and the latest technology.

Scientific Research

10 employers

The Scientific Research sector designs, develops and evaluates new products and technologies that have the potential to change the way we live our lives.


28 employers

The Telecommunication sector makes communication possible through the phone or internet. It has created the infrastructure that allows data to be sent anywhere in the world.


10 employers

Transport services are part of the essential infrastructure that links people and communities. Whether for work, leisure or other essential journeys, millions of passengers depend on these services every day.


14 employers

The utilities industry is dedicated to ensuring a sustainable future for water and the environment.

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