Technology Consulting

"I’ve always enjoyed anything that makes things work more efficient."

Technology is always evolving, so it’s a really interesting and exciting field to work in. Even though I wouldn’t describe myself as particularly technology savvy, there’s plenty of scope to add value to a team, as long as you think logically and analytically. I’ve always enjoyed anything that makes things work more efficiently, so I’ve found a good fit working in Technology Consulting. My current project involves helping schools run more effectively and efficiently through technology, which is directly relevant to my previous experiences as a teacher. It involves lots of research, mapping out processes, designing operating models for what a future state might look like and creating presentations. Right now I’m working with a client that has a Management Information System product, something that schools use to input data like test results and registers. We’re helping the company develop their product so it can be used in hundreds of schools, rather than just a handful. I love being able to combine my passion for education with my business skills.