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Our network is the largest in the UK. We want to make sure everyone, everywhere is connected by building the best possible network to serve them. Read more »

Typically recruits

  • Aerospace
  • Chemical/Process
  • Civil/Building
  • Computing/Technology
  • Electronic & Electrical
  • Materials & Minerals
  • Mechanical/Manufacturing
  • Sciences/Maths
We run the UK's digital network. We're the people who connect homes, mobile phone masts, schools, shops, banks, hospitals, libraries and businesses.
27.6m homes and businesses get broadband speeds of more than 30Mbps, thanks to our fibre network.
We manage 173m km of cable from Scotland to Cornwall, and Wales to the east coast.
We've invested £13bn in our network over the last decade – giving people the service and broadband speeds they need at work and at home.



"I’m looking forward to taking on bigger roles within Openreach and helping the company grow and adapt."

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Operational Planning

"The graduate scheme is great at giving you control of your own development."

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We’ve reached 100,000 homes and businesses with our Community Fibre...

Our ambition is to deliver the best possible digital connectivity to everyone, everywhere, across the entire country and our co-funding programme enables us to bring fast, reliable broadband to some of the UK’s most challenging areas, where other providers struggle to reach.

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36 new locations will benefit from our future-proof broadband over...

We’re building at a massive scale. Every 30 seconds we pass a home or business with our new future-proofed full fibre network.

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