Cobham’s satellite communications are used for newsgathering and broadcast, offering high-speed connectivity from remote locations and largescale events.

Cobham’s slip ring technology, originally developed for helicopter applications, is now used on land based radar antennas and renewable energy applications such as wind turbines.

Cobham also offers innovative, advanced wireless coverage and mobile communications systems to provide improved connectivity, greater capacity and better quality of experience.


Cobham's advanced communication systems, including sensors, and satellite communications, keep you in touch with what matters no matter how demanding the situation. Our satellite communications and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) detection technologies support humanitarian efforts around the world.


Cobham's advanced Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) detection and over 150,000 Vehicle Intercom Systems are in military service around the world. Cobham supplies slip rings for radar antennas and tank turrets and Cobham's vehicle restraints and personal thermal management systems keep people safe and increase the effective endurance of personnel.