Sam Sukllikar

Service Delivery Coordinator

"DXC is Fun, Interesting, Supported, Opportunities, People, Technology, Exciting, Digital"

Studied BEng (Hons) Electronic Engineering & Computer Systems at University of Kent. 

Depending on the project, the role varies from being a programmer, an analyst, scrum master etc. Day to day tasks in general start from verifying the status of workload by checking emails and team message boards. Once that is done, then the work backlog is carried out as normal and at the end of the day there will be an update session with the team to check the current task progression.

The Digital Immersion Course was very helpful for us graduates to learn a new software and to get to know each other. We surpassed anticipated results of our manager and buddy and created a functioning android app as a result. This was achieved using the Scrum and Kanban training we received for project management. Thus to prove the time invested in training us was rewarded back to DXC beyond expectations.

Why did you choose DXC?

Because DXC is always part of trend setting tech projects in terms of big data, automation and many more.

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