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Water and Environment

Our Water and Environment business delivers sustainable and robust solutions across the world for water utilities and their supply chains, industrial companies, government departments and the water and environmental regulators.

Our services range from strategic consultancy helping companies develop and achieve their business plans to more detailed technical projects where we get called in to help with the more “difficult to solve” problems that need a more innovative solution.

We have the expertise and experience which allows us to provide robust evidence to support decision making to improve regulatory compliance, operational and capital efficiency and customer service.  We also work collaboratively with the supply chain and other stakeholders to help our clients implement innovation on the ground.

Waste and Resources

We work for industrial waste producers, generators of energy from waste, waste and resource management companies and their supply chains. We provide solutions to challenging or new technical issues to enable our clients to provide innovative, safe, efficient services to their clients, while making good returns for their stakeholders. We also provide evidence for policy development in resource efficiency to regulators and research funders.


WRc facilitates transformational change for the gas distribution networks in the UK to deliver a high-value low carbon, sustainable energy sector for existing and future consumers. Our aim is to develop innovative solutions that help our clients’ achieve revenue growth and profitability while improving regulatory compliance. We do this by working closely with all stakeholders, understanding their needs, developing new products and services and delivering exceptional service. Everything at WRc is driven by our people. We recruit the best in the market and invest in continuous leadership, professional and commercial development programmes. We leverage our knowledge, unique professional networks, unrivalled customer insight and cutting edge technology to implement valued solutions and aim to become an established innovation leader in the sector.


Portfolio is a unique concept. It is a collaboration between organisations with both the problems and with the solutions. It is core to WRc's philosophy and approach to supporting and delivering solutions for our clients.

Portfolio delivers research focussed on shared needs that relate to specific problems and issues faced by our clients on a daily basis. These concerns can relate to operational problems, regulatory issues or preparation for future challenges; they are identified and developed through open consultation and feedback and delivered in co-operation with the client group.

We bring the best skills together by drawing on our delivery partners, who include academic and other research institutions, and we seek to leverage funding from Innovate UK, the Research Councils and EU frameworks such as Horizon 2020.

Portfolio is the quickest way for our clients to reduce their costs and gain from sharing knowledge and experience with others. It is innovation through collaboration.

Laboratory and Testing Facilities

At WRc’s site in Swindon we have a wide range of facilities for evaluation, testing and laboratories for analysis. Large scale facilities include a flow loop rig, an open channel flume and a test pit facility with hydraulic rams to induce loads on buried pipes. Piloting facilities include Jar testing for coagulation/flocculation, PAC optimisation, rapid column testing, media column testing and advanced oxidation processes. Our laboratories are set up for preparing large and challenging samples for onward analysis. We undertake biodegradability and gravimetric testing of fuels, feedstocks, residues and products and laboratory scale treatment trials.

Employee Profiles

Rowena Gee - Toxicologist

"I enjoy the friendly working environment and knowing that what I do makes a difference..."

Dean Manning - Graduate Engineer - Treatment Processes

" Since joining WRc I have really enjoyed the friendly environment and active social club"
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