Shinjinee Pal

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

"Network Rail has lived up to every expectation and indeed, has given a lot more than I expected."

Eng Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University College London

How would you describe the breadth of Network Rail's work and the breadth of our opportunities for graduates?  

Network Rail is a huge organisation so I expected it to have a wide range of opportunities and I wasn't disappointed at all, it has exceeded my expectations! There is always something for everyone and you will never run out of new things to try out. It is a diverse company so there is a chance for everyone to move around, try out different things and pick exactly what they like doing.

How varied have you found your role at Network Rail?

My work has been very varied and I can tailor my development in the specific direction I'd like it to go in. It is a mixture of management work, where I am writing reports, speaking to lots of people, making presentations and holding meetings, to site visits, where I go on P-way walks, relay room surveys and equipment room surveys. I never get bored as I am doing different things every day and learning new things all the time.

What's the most exciting work you've done here?

As part of my first placement, I am writing up a manual on a new, highly critical equipment room at London Bridge, which is currently being constructed. This is really exciting for me because I have been thrown in at the deep end in terms of managing the project; I have to talk to a large number of people, chase them up, update reports, go on site visits, mediate between different groups of people and carry out negotiations, as well as research the equipment going into the building. This project has given me a great insight into the technical and managerial challenges and commissioning processes of delivering a project.

What's been the best thing for you?

The culture of the company has probably been the best thing for me as it had helped me settle into my first job really easily. Everyone here is very approachable and helpful, which creates a very nurturing and encouraging environment in which to develop myself.

Why Network Rail?

Because I wanted to be involved in a large, high-impacting company and I had heard glowing reports on Network Rail's leading graduate training. In this, Network Rail has lived up to every expectation and indeed, has given a lot more than I expected.