Matt Hinsley

Graduate Systems Engineer

"I enjoy designing and building something, then seeing it work “all by itself”."

What my role involves: Designing programmable controllers for use in various industries. This includes writing logic code, testing the systems and commissioning at site. I am also involved with writing associated design specifications, test specifications and user manuals.

What do you enjoy most about your job: I enjoy problem solving and applying what I was taught at University to real world applications. I also enjoy designing and building something, then seeing it work “all by itself”.

What is it like working for Bilfinger UK: Everyone is really supportive and always has time to help explain things you don’t know or understand. Things can change very quickly. One week you might be in the office writing documents, the next you might be needed on site to fix an emergency. You might be almost ready for the weekend when the customer calls and you have to guide them to how to fix the problem over the phone. But coming out of a stressful situation successfully can be very rewarding too.

How has Bilfinger UK helped you progress in your career: I have been encouraged to join the MIET and work towards achieving Chartered status since joining the Company. I have also been on Bilfinger’s graduate management training course too, to help me learn how to lead people effectively.

What advice would you give to someone starting off in this career: Always ask questions, even if you think you know. There is often more to it than is obvious at first.

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