Ellen Green

Assistant Development Manager

"Every team I have worked with has been incredibly supportive – I feel I’ve grown as an individual, not just within my career"

Having just completed our Graduate Programme, Ellen Green discusses equality, diversity and inclusion, and why she feels Lendlease is the place for her.

I currently work...

With the Development team for our Hungate scheme. Before that, the Graduate Programme provided me with a basis of what development is and the different aspects involved, which has given me a good grounding to be able to take this role on.

To me, diversity means...

Having a culture where teams are made up of people with varied backgrounds, who together can bring so much more to a team than if we all had the same experiences. I think that’s completely vital.

To encourage equality, the industry can...

Better promote inspirational people who have achieved success within the industry and share their stories. I don’t think anyone’s career is straight running, so educating people coming into the industry that success in a diversity of roles is achievable is key.

Lendlease is a place for me because...

From day one, the people, their approach, and the way they undertook the Graduate Programme interview day, made me feel comfortable. Since then, every team I have worked with has been incredibly supportive – I feel I’ve grown as an individual, not just within my career.

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